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Making X Fractals



Just a little tut on how I made the "X" fractals. There are two methods I have employed to make neat little rows of Xs. The first, or "even" method involves zooming off the side of the cross formation, ultimately leading to an even row of Xs, 2^N. I utilized the even method to generate my "XX Reactor Core" piece by continuing through the centroid of the last 32X formation to form an X made up of Xs

I also have a really good zoom video up on youtube showcasing the "even" progression method used for my "Reactor Core", right up to the minibrot at the end

The "even" method was also used in the original HPDZ "Metaphase" video,
which first inspired me to explore these deeper X formations. However, the even method leaves some amount of guesswork as to which edge midget to zoom in on in order to keep the line of Xs uniformly spaced.

The "odd" method, showcased here, invovles zooming to the side of the first "i" formation, which creates two Is, and from then on zooming into the far side "i" to double the pattern, leading to (2^N)-1 Xs, with two leftover Is, on opposite sides. My 63X...
utilizes the odd method and is included in the poster. The shining advantage point to the odd method is it takes the guesswork out of finding the exact focal point to zoom in to, although by creating flawlessly concentric lines of Xs, it can become a chore figuring out which X is the centroid, in order to continue the zoom progression without ruining the pattern.

My "XXX Cold Fusion Cell"
employed the even method used in "XX Reactor core", but it deviated around 2^-668 at the 32X formation, after which point I utilized the "odd" method to ultimately duplicate the "XX Reactor Core" X shape three times, skewed slightly. At 2^-1764.5, it is the deepest thing I have ever rendered as of yet.

This poster does a fairly good job of showcasing the progressions. I did finally render the 127X pattern at 4800x900 pixels on the Pimp Machine, my new nickname for the huge 64bit Phenom II quad I use at home (well over 12x as fast as my 2006 32bit Core Duo notebook). However, with a 16x3 or 5.33x1 aspect ratio, it's a little bit impractical for normal viewing, and asthetically does not offer up anything the 63X version doesn't, hence why I lined it up vertically within the tutorial poster.

Wow, that was a mouthful!
Kudos to me for fitting the entire description within a 320x240 sized block using the monospace fixedsys DOS font.

Please comment and/or fav if you like my mandelbrot zooms=)
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I have tried to do this. It is very accurate. I made a mistake though. I still have an even amount of X-figures. (this is not a problem)

I'll notify you once it is done.