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Fractal XXXXXXX.....



I used a slightly different technique this time compared to "XX - Reactor Core". I have discovered a new method for creating rows of Xs (edit: what I like to call the "odd" method) that take the guesswork out of the zoom procedure, creating perfectly concentric Xs, evenly spaced every time. There are actually 63 Xs with a bent fragment on either end (half of an X). If I zoom into the bent fragment at the end and continue zooming in, I would eventually end up with 127 X formations lined up in a row, but I have little desire to zoom any further, especially on my Core Duo 2Ghz 32 bit XP laptop. The "Pimp-Machine", my custom-built 64-bit Phenom II Quad-Core workhorse (over-clocked at 3.6Ghz) with Vista 64, renders fractals over 12 times as fast, no BS!

:gallery:There is one more render that I plan on making in my "X" series, entitled "Triple XXX",it is a deviation from my previous "XX - Reactor Core", consisting of three slightly skewed "Xs made up of Xs" that zooms down to a depth of over 2^-1800 (!), but I am saving that one for when I return home from school. I will likely have graduated college (Summer 2010, yeah!) during the time it would probably take for my 32-bit 2006 laptop to render that one :doh:

See also "XX - Reactor Core"

Please click the "download" link for full view (2400x800):sherlock:
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I have added a tutorial poster showcasing the progression leading up to 63 (this render), and even a step beyond, up to 127!
Check the description on that post for more details about my "even" and "odd" methods for generating long rows of Xs.
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So cool - can't believe I missed your zooms. This is fantastic!