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3rd Power - Lost Y Chromosomes



I have applied the same technique I used to generate my striking "X-Chromosome" patterns, only this time, I use the cubic Mandelbrot formula. It starts out as a triple-sided "Y" shape, then I zoom in on a midget that's right outside the center. Inside it, I find three omega "ω" shapes. I use the lowercase Greek omega as the shape has no close Latin equivalent. Then I zoomed into the interior of the 3 ω formations and as a result, I reach a 3-sided formation with 3^2 = 9 shapes, containing 3 y and 6 ω. Next is 3^3 = 27 with 12 y and 15 ω. With each consecutive tripling, the number of shapes triples, but as long as I always zoom into a ω shape, there are always 3 more ω than y. There are 3^7 =2,187 formations in the large spiral-branching formation, many of them too small to be seen. 1,092 of these are y; 1,095 of them are ω. I tried to alternate between inner and outer arm locations each time. The exact tripling location chosen partially determines whether the end result is more knobby, branchy, or spiral like. Whatever the case, it is impossible to line up the formations into concise rows due to the fact that a row of objects has twofold symmetry, not the threefold of which the 3rd order Manelbrot (Z = Z^3 +C) is based. 2^-441 zoom depth.

Sorry for the math explanation. More about the "X" method here:
My fractal gallery:

See the zoom video, which passes though this feature to extend the "Y" progression one step further before zooming towards the brot:

Comments appreciated. Please click the download link for full size (3200x2400).

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