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Restructuring my commission prices and policies. These will apply for the rest of 2011.

Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing to commission me! As a freelance artist, I am dedicated to providing friendly and fast service to my commissioners. By reading and agreeing to this ToS, you are helping me accomplish this. I’ve written it up so that no misunderstandings will occur and our business with each other will go smoothly. I hope that our experiences will both be pleasant.


1. Contact
Please contact me through e-mail. I will not accept details over IM or any other messaging client, including note systems. This is so we will both have an easy to find record of the transaction in case something might go awry.

My current e-mail is shou_kyu@yahoo.com (I am planning on getting a separate one soon, so this may change soon)

You may contact me on the status of your commission however you wish, though-shouts, comments, notes, etc. I will always try to get back to you in a timely manner.

2. Payment
I will NOT start working on your commission until I receive either half or full payment.

The payment must be sent to me through paypal after I have taken on your commission. Please make sure to send it as a good or a service, NOT as a gift! This is to protect you, as gifts can’t be disputed through paypal.

I will not spend your money until at least a large portion of your commission has been completed. (Basically, I won’t touch the money you sent me until I’m almost done with your art, or at least I will ALWAYS have the equivalent of whatever amount you sent me ready in case of any difficulties.)

3. Edits
If you want me to show you the WIP of your commission every step of the way, please let me know as soon as I start your commission. If you don’t, I will just continue without showing it to you. I will ALWAYS show you the sketch for your approval, however, and the flat colors in cases where the character has a lot of detail and I can miss things. However, I have no problem with sending you a quick screenshot of the work I’ve done so far if you ask.

You may request up to three major edits. Extremely major changes such as completely reworking the pose MUST be voiced when I show you the sketch. But don’t worry about requesting those kinds of changes, as long as you are polite about it, I really won’t mind!

4. Finished Product
When I’m finished, I will send you in an e-mail attachment the full 300dpi PDF file, as well as a smaller, 72 dpi jpg for the purpose of reposting. Both the pdf and jpg versions will have my signature on them.


You do NOT have any rights to reproduce or sell any images I may create for you UNLESS you offer to buy the rights and I accept. In most cases, my drawings are for private use only.

You may repost my work to your own page or website (with the exception of deviantart since that’s against the sites rules) as long as you

a) Only repost the 72dpi jpg I’ve provided you with for reposting
b) Credit me in the description, with a link to one of my pages for where I post my art (deviantart, furaffinity, tumblr, etc)

You do NOT have the right to edit my work or pay/ask someone else to edit my work. If you want any changes done I will be happy to do them for you during the time I am working on the commission. (see Edits above)

Of course, I’m not going to be mad if, say, I got the eye color wrong and rather than contacting me you would prefer to just put the right color in, small things like that are just fine.

I have a right to refuse service to anyone. If you ask, I will tell you why. I will never refuse anyone service based on anything trivial or petty. Normally it would have to do with your prior commissioning track record.

Refund amounts will be decided on a case by case basis. Here’s how it goes:

If I have to cancel a project, that is due to my own negligence, and you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel a project, you will receive the work I have completed and a portion of your refund equivalent to the work I have not.

For example, say you commission a digitally colored piece from me, I finish it up to the inks stage, and then you cancel. You will receive the inks that I have finished and $15 (35-20=15)

If I’m nearly finished with the commission, you will have to just let me get it done with no refund.

Thank you for reading this all the way to the end! Please send me a message stating that you agree to the terms provided here. Also, please include the word “bananagoat” in your message. This is a password of sorts to ensure that you’ve read the terms all the way through.
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