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In the light of day.

Still playing around with this guy.

This is what he might have looked like before the idiotic accident with the angry mob.……

And I don't know why it's so grizzly, it took forever to render.
And don't say too high ISO for the film ;)

Rendered with DAZ Studio 4.15 and IRAY
Postwork in Photoshop
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© 2021 koshnika
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A very interesting looking guy.

That set is the Victorian Iron Observatory from Daz, isn't it? If so, that's probably what happened to your render time and quality. That set takes FOREVER to render, even when you turn off huge chunks of it. It's the only set I've got that reliably times out, even when set to an hour longer than the normal two hour maximum. I think there's just so much refraction and reflection that it sends Iray times soaring.

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thanks a lot, for both, maybe you're right, in each other image he does not look like this. I'll try a test with this Vendor Victorian Iron Conservatory - i'ts this prop. :)

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Vermutlich die Fenster und die Shader dazu. Manchmal muss man da durch. Aber oft sehen die Bilder mit etwas Grain am Ende besser aus, als wenn sie ganz klar ausgerendert sind.

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Schon möglich. Aber den Burschen verrender ich sicher noch ein paar mal, dann mit anderen Fenstern.

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Nur zu. Ich find's gut :D

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He's got an interesting face.

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Thanks a lot! I created him in artbreeder first, than transfered him to a 3D model - wit face transfer but rally a lot oft postwork. ;) but he's like i wanted him. :)

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