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This is exciting news!

I've been working on this for the past 8 years now; we got greenlighted for Steam distribution and are curated by Square Enix Collective.
Now we need a little nudge for that final run, especially to be able to release on Nintendo Switch and PS4!


Please support us!
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Nov 2017 edit: we are the last game this year on Square Enix Collective

Guys, I am very excited to announce that we have been selected for the last edition this year of Square Enix's curated platform !

Essentially the platform chooses on a regular basis an emerging development talent from across the world and asks the community to give their feedback .
If positive, Square Enix Collective may help us release the game

So cast your vote on Square Enix using your Facebook, Steam or Square Enix ID!



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Apr 2017 edit: we got greenlit on Steam!

The game has been submitted and accepted for Steam's Greenlight campaign 

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Koruldia FB page

Did you know that koruldia my DA nickname is originally the name of a game project?
I have been quite quiet about it as it took many years to set out the foundations, including the story, game play elements, sprites, facesets, animations, etc.

And we are finally -almost- ready to launch a preview of the game!

So follow us on Facebook  or Twitter or even Youtube, I hope we'll achieve something great!
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Are Flash games dead?

It really saddens me that Mochiad definitely closed and their website no longer works today.
It was the best network for Flash game development that I discovered through :iconmixedmilkchocolate:
And I learned how to include high scores, ads and use API thanks to them

Now what's next? I already got emails of dress-up game publishers wanting more HTML5, less Flash.
I still haven't found any better software than Flash honestly, allowing you to both design graphic elements and code an entire game.

But I guess it's time to learn new stuffs .
So we made a little game jame last week-end with my bf and made... this!

It's only a beta for now, I need to finish a few things and will be posting new screens soon!
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Hi everyone!!! And sorry again for the lack of news...

I just came back from a few amazing days in Malaysian Borneo
with a lot trekking in the rain forest and diving with green turtles!
You can get a few pics on my blog (more to come):

Now I need to finish the next dress up game and also start writing a tutorial

Meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram (iriekoru),
it's easier to update than DA when I am on the go!

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..happy 2014..

1 min read
Happy New Year!!

I spent NYE dressed as Lady Gaga at friends' house party.
Hope you had a nice time too and didnt feel too hungover today :love:

*playing Pokemon X and working on the next dress up games*

Blog link iriescope.blogspot.co.uk/2014/… :dance:
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