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..Sweet Tooth.. FLASH GAME..

By koruldia
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A new flash game! :love: please :+fav: if you like it~

Are you a sweet tooth? I am! See if you can spot all the differences between the two pictures. Try not to get the the urge to eat your monitor
Walkthrough video by Eyvel available on YouTube
Alternative link: [link]
Exclusive sponsorship granted to
Please spot on the right all the 5 differences between each couple of pictures to proceed to the next stage!
Beware: some differences can be really tricky :heart:
(It would not be fun otherwise!)

Will you clear all the stages?! 10 in all, have fun!
  • Candy

  • Cookies

  • Macaron

  • Chocolate

  • Ice cream

  • Doughnut

  • Slushies

  • Cupcake

  • Candy kabobs

  • Japanese dango

I wanted to make something different this time, although I still enjoy creating dress up games (or undress games haha ^3^)
I hope people will like it!
It was very painful for me to draw each stage because I love sweets... so whenever I drew a cookie, chocolat or cupcakes, I wanted to eat some so badly :love:

Beta testers: :iconreami::iconkanda-cgroom::iconenigma-rain::iconsabiryuuji:
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I thoroughly enjoyed this game, the differences were hard to find, but a good number so it didn't get tiring looking for them.
The art was pretty and comforting. I like the pastels and the proper lack of outlining, It gave the piece a very light and fluffy look to it.
I enjoyed the music, it wasn't distracting and it went well with the game. It also looped well, it didn't get annoying.
It's obvious the amount of work put into this flash: me, myself, I would just draw one of the pictures and submit it as a deviation, but you worked on every little detail in every picture. It looked very professional and pleasing.
If I do have one problem with this flash it's that you should put a wider range of area to click on the smaller detail differences. It's hard to click the exact right spot, even if you know what the difference is.

Overall I would say this flash is good enough to eat.
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haha thank you for this SWEET critique :) (okay, I wanted to do a pun on works like you, but I failed :XD:)

I did want to stop after each picture though! Designing them took me a long time, actually more than my usual dress up games ^^;

But I am glad that people like it!
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haha! It's okay I liked your pun.

And it's good you kept going- frankly if there wasn't enough detail I would feel like i was doing one of those kid activity books. XD;

And of course people will like it! It's charming and pretty and very tasty
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im stuck on cookies & biscuits ;w;
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I'm stuck at the begging right now
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1)Say your name 10 times 
2)Say your mom's name 5 times 
3)Say your crush's name 3 times
4)Paste this onto 4 other games
If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you don't paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKS
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It gets harder very time. But too cute to quit! >3<
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Wait, really quick, whats the name of the song?

PS: A very lovely game, be very proud of yourself.
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You probably forgot about this comment, but here you go!
The song is called Gymnopedie No 1, and you can listen to it on Youtube!
Gymnopedie No 1 by Kevin MacLeod - YouTube
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*Plays game* GAHH why is it so hard (and making me hungry) *Accidently presses tab* 0,0 
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TAB Is for players who forgot to find the hardest spots. I accidently used tap also. Nearly too many tab presses.
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As a detec- *cough* Uh.. Sweet tooth, this helps me think and relax. I want to eat this game.

       Spinning L 
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I've heard this music before......I think it was on a Google Play app.....(either way, I THINK I KNOW THE SONG AND WHAT IT'S CALLED)
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Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1
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I felt hungry when I played the game.... Overall, it was a good game because the differences were very hard to find, but it may be because I'm not too perceptive... =_=;
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ugh i cant get past the chocolate level
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You have no idea how addicting and annoying this can be....
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I must admit it was a difficult game. I had to randomly click at the picture to find the last difference. the last one with the dangos was the most difficult. I enjoyed it so much and yes...sweeeets >w<
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What's the name of the musical piece playing?
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I just wanted to say... Gymnopedie <3
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I'm famished because of this 
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