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..Raining Cookies.. FLASH GAME

By koruldia
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"It is raining cookies! Every Deviant's favorite meal... So let's help Doggy Chef collect them!!"
Alternate link: [link]

  • Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move Doggy Chef and collect the cookies on screen

  • Avoid the red cookies

  • Do not step twice on the cookies you already collected

  • INVICIBILITY MODE: when a star appears on screen, catch it to be able to eat the red cookies and cross the walls for a short while

Special thanks to Dentelle127 [link] for the amazing and glamourous music
Sponsorship by Spil Games [link]

OH MY GOD! Back in 2000 when I was a child, I started to play on, the Meerca Chase (their remix of the Snake game) was my ultimate favourite!
And I wouldn't dream of being able one day to develop such a game myself. I was like "If only I knew how to do this...", "I will never be able to create such a good game", etc.
Well, 10 years later, I am very proud to present MY remix of their game! I added some tweaks, for instance the Invicible mode and sounds effects.
This game means a lot to me, see, if you want to achieve something very badly and you think you're not up to do it, NEVER GIVE UP!!
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It was a fun game. Love the dog. It has cute music. Love it! ^^

But what I don't like is that the chief hat would always get in the way! D8
The chief hat would barley touch the red cookie and the game was over! And my chief hat would touch the cookies I had collected and guess what, THE GAME WAS OVER!!! D=
Also,the cookies over lapped. The good cookie would get on top of the bad cookie! And there was no way I could get it! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=(" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="379" title="=( (Sad)"/>
And the same thing other people might know is that the star stays on for a couple of seconds! Just like Yumeko82 said. I tried to get the star and it went away. I was super close to getting it. Then I saw the star again and I tried to get it and it vanished! D8 D8 D8
But I loved the game... It was fun.
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Visually, the game is very cute. Some things I noticed that should be adjusted would be that the music sometimes stops or overlaps the star music. Sometimes good cookies appear right on top of bad cookies so you can't get to them. The star doesn't stay on the screen long enough. Sometimes I was at the top of screen and making my way to the star on the bottom of the screen and it disappeared before I could get there. Also, the chef hat on the dog makes it difficult to gauge how much space I have to work with.
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What a fun game! It's simple and addictive, the perfect formula for any kind of gamer!

The cookies are nicely colored and coded in good enough to tell the gamer what to avoid and what to get ASAP however, the invincibility star and background music are pretty glitched: The BGM, for example will sometimes either stop or loop with another one playing after the invincibility music ends or a game over occurs.

The game may also freeze and prevent score submission when touching a red cookie or going out of the screen when not invincible. I also noticed that the invincibility star's invincibility effect may not always work even when you touch it.

I suggest making certain cookies like the rainbow and red ones stand out a bit more, more ways to tell anyone especially for those who cannot see colors well, to get or not get... making them resonate is a minor suggestion <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

My personal gripes with the game with several plays is that sometimes the only accessible cookie appears right on a bad(red)cookie, which will make it only accessible when you're invincible.

This is a classic, casual 21st century game of Snakes, featuring things people love: cookies and dogs with chef hats, please Miss Irié, keep up the good work!
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Awesome Game!! great fun to play and really addictive too!!
the little doggy chef is super cute too! But I will say that I totally,
agree with the Critique that fireyrebirth gave on Apr 29,2010,
fix those minor points and it will be a perfect little game!!
But keep up the good work and I hope you don't feel,
to disheartened by what I have said. :) x
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:rose: yay! cookie senior! :D :rose:
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Was the dog's design inspired by Afro Ken?
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It's like an adorable game of Snake : D
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This is fun^^ How did you made sumbit thing,lol
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this is so fun:D
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aww man i olny got 6721 on the game... damn it
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you get a game over when the dog's hat touches the red cookie
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i hate it when rainbow/gold ones are near bad ones.
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I play that meerca game to!!
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Did you know this game is also on that I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so obsessed with it!
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5940 is my score is that good?!
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i like the game :)
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Haha! This is great! :clap:
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