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Basic Tips to Make your Art Look Better

This month's article is a two-parter; one with basic presentation tips for different media, and one with more advanced suggestions for photographing traditional art. For the more advanced article, see here: Tips for Photographing Traditional Artwork
This part s super basic and requires no skill whatsoever, but for people who do this, it REALLY helps your art look better, when displaying online, and minimizes rejections from Groups.

Identifying your work is important, but the DA watermark (although it is a nice service to have) is not the best way to go about it. Even though it is easy to apply, unless you have a huge following already, you're hurting yourself more than you're protecting yourself by using it. It's very large and in the center, hurting the visibility and appeal of your work. You've spent a lot of time on your drawing or phot
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Azalea and the Silver Vine *Part 3*
Azalea and the Silver Vine *Part 3*
“WHOA WHOA WHOA,” I yelped, backing away from the plasma beam that Luke Skywalker would’ve been proud of. “What-Where-How...HOW THE FISH-FRICK IS THIS POSSIBLE?!”
“What? Every home has one. It teleports you to the Auctor, in case you need advice.” Tyler explained with a duh look on his face.
“So does it like, plop you down onto his kitchen table or something?”
“Pfft,” Rosalyn snorted, “That’s stupid. It teleports you into the kitchen sink.”
I didn’t know if this was funny or sad, but all this weirdness made teleporting into a kitchen sink believable.
“She’s messing with you. It teleports you into the Kessinger, or the Grand Central. It looks like….Y’know what? I’ll let you see for yourself,” Tyler said. He took his sword back from me. “Guests first.”
I inhaled sharply and stepped inside the teleporter
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Chapter 1

Cleo and Cyrus Taylor sat in the living room of their small house in a medium-sized village. They were talking in hushed voices so that their three children wouldn't hear.
    Aquilina, the oldest of the three children, aged 12, was in her bedroom drawing in a leather notebook given to her by her father, Cyrus, when she turned 11. She was unaware of the conversation going on below her, and how important it would turn out to be.
    Zack, her younger brother, aged 10, barged into her room and sat on her bed, bouncing up and down.
    “Hey, Aquilina, want to go spy on Willow?” Zack asked between giggles.
    Aquilina nodded and smiled. Willow was Zack’s twin sister and Aquilina’s younger sister. She was in the room she shared with Zack sitting underneath the open window, calling out to the birds, which surprisingly came over to her.
    Zack and Aquilina watched this, their heads poking around the door. Zack’s mouth hung wide open in amazement, while Aquilina tried not to look too impressed, but failed. When Zack moved slightly to get a better view, the floorboards creaked, alerting Willow of their presence.
    Willow spun around and stared at them, then gave a small smile. Her smiles were sweet and beautiful, and they seemed to light up her pretty face warmly. Willow had long, chestnut-brown, wavy hair, tanned skin, emerald-green eyes, and a few freckles. Zack, being her identical twin, looked the same, except his hair was short and slightly spiky. Apart from that, it was obvious they were twins.
    Aquilina was similar, her hair looked the same as Willow’s, and her eyes were the same shade of green as both her siblings. Her skin was only slightly tanned, and she had lots of freckles.
    “What are you doing?” Aquilina finally asked, walking over to her sister.
    Willow got up and shrugged, then glanced at the birds still outside the window. She made a strange cooing noise and they fluttered away. Her siblings just stared at her.
    “How… how do you do that?” Zack wondered aloud, studying his twin’s face for signs of what it could be.
    Willow shrugged again and stared out the window at the forest. Suddenly, they heard something downstairs.
    “No! We can't tell them!” Cleo, their mother, shouted.
    The three children exchanged glances and crept downstairs. They listened to the conversation from behind the doorway.
    Next was their father’s voice. “They have a right to know. It's not fair to keep our secret from them forever.”
    Zack looked at Aquilina questioningly, as if to say, “What? Do you know what they mean?” Aquilina shook her head, and glanced at Willow, who had her ear pressed against the wall, trying to hear their parents better.
    Then came Cleo’s voice again. “They're only children. It would only make them afraid if they knew the truth.”
    This time, Willow looked up and took her head away from the wall. Zack and Aquilina both met her gaze. What could make them worry so much? Zack wondered silently. Willow seemed to see his face and understand what he was thinking. She shrugged. Aquilina then pressed her head against the wall and listened for more voices. By now, they had missed a few parts of the conversation.
    "What… what if the nightmares come?” Cleo whispered.
    All three children had to listen very carefully to hear this question. They looked at each other, extremely confused.
    “Nightmares? Just bad dreams?” Zack questioned. Aquilina shrugged.
    “Who knows?” Willow muttered in her pretty voice. Her voice was calm, flowing, beautiful, melodic, and very pleasing to hear.
    The siblings waited silently after that, wanting to hear what their parents would say next, but the rest of the conversation was too quiet for them to hear. After patiently waiting for a while in case Cleo and Cyrus raised their voices, the children heard a chair moving and Cyrus getting up.
    “Quick! Hide!” Aquilina hissed.
Willow and Aquilina barely had time to dash up to their rooms and resume normal activities, but Zack was still on the stairs when his father came out of the living room.
    “Uh oh.” Zack muttered as Cyrus looked at him.
    “Have you been here the whole time, Zack? Were you spying on us? Did you hear what we were saying?” Cyrus questioned.
    Zack nervously shook his head. “No… I was just coming downstairs to grab a snack.” Zack answered unconvincingly.
    “Really? Then how come you were facing the other way?” Cyrus asked, shaking his head. “Don't lie to me, son. That's much worse than telling the truth.”
    “Yes, I was listening from the doorway. When I heard you moving, I tried to go upstairs.” Zack replied, leaving out the part about Willow and Aquilina being there.
    Cyrus sighed. "Oh, Zack..." he muttered, then raised his voice slightly. "How much did you hear?"
    Zack looked up the stairs, as if hoping his sisters would magically come and help. Obviously, they didn't, so Zack just shuffled his feet awkwardly. Cyrus looked at him like he wanted an answer, but then Cleo walked in and gasped.
    "Zack! How much did you hear?" she exclaimed, staring at her 10 year old son.
    Zack shuffled his feet again. "Not much." he answered. After all, it was the truth. They hadn't heard much at all.
    "More importantly, what DID you hear?" Cyrus interrupted, staring intensely into Zack's eyes.
    "Not much." Zack repeated, running one of his hands through his hair. "Something about nightmares... what did you mean?"
    His parents exchanged weary and slightly nervous glances. Cleo shook her head as if to tell her husband not to tell Zack. Cyrus nodded, seeming to contradict her.
    Zack looked between them, frustrated. "Will someone please tell me what's going on?" he yelled, bringing Aquilina and Willow running out of their rooms.
    Cleo sighed. "Great. Now they're all here. Cyrus, I think it's time we told them the truth."

To be continued...

Please tell me what you think of the story so far! I hope you liked it, and sorry that it's not that great.



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