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The Sauna Path

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Watercolours, A3. Painted from my own photo ref.

This is my grandmother's snowy sauna path, lit by a single wall mounted lamp when the darkness is about to fall on a mid-winter night. Her health is starting to fail and I'm not sure if she'll walk on this familiar path ever again.
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Gorgeous work - you have a real mastery of the medium which, as a fellow watercolorist, is always a joy to see!
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Now you're just too kind. :) Thank you!
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It's a fitting comment ;)
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Wow, so cold and icy! You build up the depth of the trees with the light and shadow really well.

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Thanks for the compliment! :hug: Yeah, it was a clear and cold night.
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The trees have such realistic volume!
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This is a lovely painting. I hope there's some good news where her health is concerned, though. Sending good wishes your way :heart:

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Thank you, you're so kind. :hug: All of her siblings and loved ones have passed away already. She's all prepared to leave too and just hopes that she may die peacefully. It's all a part of life.
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Nice winteestudy! 
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Thanks! I did enjoy painting it too. :)
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Wonderful painting, sounds daft but I can feel your emotion in the way it's painted. Hope your grandmother does get to use it again. 
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Thank you, I hope so too but it's unlikely. I put the painting into a cheap frame already and I'll bring it to her the next time I visit her in the care place.

It's not daft what you're saying.. Art can convey many feelings and messages without actually having to spell it out. :)
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I've heard of the saunas in Finland...or maybe it was Sweden :ponder: where did Anders Zorn live? :D
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I've never heard of Anders Zorn, he sounds kinda Swedish to me :)

It's called sauna by us Finns and bastu by our Swedish neighbours.
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You're right , he was a Swedish painter. I think if I lived in such a chilly place a sauna would be one of my favorite places.:D

KorsonOraakkeli's avatar
Ha, well we also bathe in the sauna in the summer, so...
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I don't think I have a good understanding of a sauna. I shall look into it. :D
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