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By Korrektor
Explorers found a new quasar blasting gamma rays all over the place :)
Enjoy! and thank you for the comments! (and favs )

so... this is a spaceship concept.
took me about 20 hours on and off.

Photoshop + Wacom Graphire.

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I'm writing a sci-fi book series at the moment and the main character is actually a massive starship.  This is exactly what I had in my head for the ship in my book.  Once my book is done, I would love this for the cover.  Is there any way we could make arrangements for that?  You would receive all credit of course in the cover.  This is a great design.  I love it.
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Is the ship named Frontier or is it just talking about space itself?
That's fucking sexy.
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very good how long did it take to make ;O

i love the piece

adding to my favourites

Ps :-
which program did you use to make this?
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Love the idea of the presentation of the ship. The lighting is really excellent! :thumbsup:
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gorgeous work

while I'm not really a fan of the design of the ship (not the way it's drawn but really just the design) i love the view on the quasar in the bg
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damn, this is so great !
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Amazing art. Best spaceship I've ever seen.
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Very nice work you've done here. Its filled with many amazing details in both the ship and the lingering nebula storm. It really captures the true mystery and beauty of deep space. Excellent work. :D
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Work from a god of space art !!! :wow:
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Awesome looking! :)
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I am currently working on a slideshow/video and it will contain many different pictures. Now i have found some images on your site more specific here: that I found very nice and fiting to the content of my video. Now I kindly ask if i may make use of this particular picture in the aforementioned video. It will be published onto youtube. A If my request is denied I will not make use of the picture. I do just wish to use it in the video not print it but it will be in a non commercial way. In credits and description I will make credit to your site and you if you wish.
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you got it :) use at as you wish :)
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Its really beautiful. =)
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what the hell this is breathtaking!
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I love your work!
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This picture has been featured in this [link] news article.
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I love the lighting on the engines
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Fantastic! *____*
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magnificent 0-0
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