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The contest is now after, after a lonog delay (sorry about that) and thank you to everyone that took the time to enter :blowkiss:

below are the winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

Contest Rules :salute:

:pointr: Your competition entry must be related to the title of the contest; Mechanic Organic. You can use the theme as broadly as you like- it can be purely mechanic or purely organic, or as the title suggests a creative mixture of the two.
A maximum of 3 entries per person is allowed.
:pointr: Your entry must be submitted on (the deviation title does not have to be 'Mechanic Organic').
:pointr: Two or more of my stock images must be used in the entry and as many as you like from other stock artists.
:pointr: Please take care to follow each individual's terms of use for their stock images. My rules can be found in my main journal, on my page. Failure to follow stock artist's terms of use will result in a disqualified entry, until it is corrected.
:pointr: Photomanipulation, digital art and traditional art will be accepted but no 'sketches' please.
:pointr: You may not enter work you have created prior to the competition opening date.
:pointr: Your submission must follow the guidelines and rules of deviantART.

I'd like to thank createbyweek for featuring my contest! they are a great competition group which feature a stock image and a theme every week for people to manipulate and enter into their contest, so check 'em out:

Winners! :boogie:

1st Place:
Conversation by Quest007
by Quest007

More from the Artist's Gallery...
Icy Tomb by Quest007 Professor Faustus by Quest007 Fantasy Island by Quest007 Zombie Luncheon 2 by Quest007

200 points :points:
The winning entry will be a featured favourite on my stockpage indefinitely (or until I have a new competition)
A feature of the artist's work
A :+fav: and a llama

2nd Place:
once, was I by CapnDeek373
by CapnDeek373

More from the Artist's Gallery...
get outta my yard by CapnDeek373 spore by CapnDeek373 a bad day to go to carnival by CapnDeek373 the specimen by CapnDeek373

100 points :points:
A feature of the artist's work
A :+fav: and a llama

3rd Place:
mad scientist by stormlightloren
by stormlightloren

More from the Artist's Gallery...
stay out of the lake? by stormlightloren Conqueror - Fire by stormlightloren Robot Safety by stormlightloren abandoned by stormlightloren

50 points :points:
A feature of the artist's work
A :+fav: and a llama


once, was I by CapnDeek373:thumb204555821::thumb209057351:
mad scientist by stormlightloren Conversation by Quest007
Mechanic Organic by Weatbix Organic Mechanic by violscraper:thumb209101331:

Thank you very much to everyone that entered! :blowkiss:

skin by LeMex
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Quest007's avatar
How did I miss this one?! When is the new deadline, whenever someone submits the 10th entry? I would love to enter since I just saw your stock and some great ideas came to mind. :)
KornKidSamStock's avatar
Yeah, it has been extended til mid-July, or maybe til the 10th entry.
If you entered that would be great! :D
Quest007's avatar
I'm still working on my entry. Hope to have it done by the end of next week. Going camping this weekend won't help. :P
Autopsyrotica-Art's avatar
Ok! Can't wait to see it ;D
Quest007's avatar
I see it has been extended to mid-July! Great stock also!
redmint7's avatar
Hm..May ended, but there are 9 not 10 entries in...does that count? :)
KornKidSamStock's avatar
I shall extend it and hopefully get one more entry.
I'll re-advertise it shortly :)
Dragon-Bat's avatar
This is a great idea and I'm actually a little shocked that more people haven't entered.
KornKidSamStock's avatar
Yeah I'm disappointed! Last time I had a stock competition it got a lot more attention :/
Dragon-Bat's avatar
Maybe, if you want, you can say something about it in the groups journal again. :)
redmint7's avatar
Can we have more than one entry?
KornKidSamStock's avatar
Yes :) no more than 3 per person though
redmint7's avatar
I didn't understand what we need to do...we put together 2 of your and if we want more picture from others to make a new picture?
KornKidSamStock's avatar
You have to use a minimum of 2 of my stock images (or more if you like) and you can also use any other stock you want (or your own images) as well. Hope you understand :)
redmint7's avatar
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