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Who is Professor Michael Verres-Evans?

By Korn-Elia
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Trying out different things, here are some versions of the esteemed professor I came up with.

**(If you want to see the attempt at Professor a)+d) with a little 10th doctor (ok, a lot), check out… )**  

Which is closest to how you see him? Feel free to mix and match face, hair colour or style as you please! I'm just curious and trying to form a better picture of this character.

Some of the things I kept in mind when drawing him:
- he is very smart and well respected
- he puts education first and is a Good Parent
- he is probably in his late 30's or early to mid 40's
- he seems a little arrogant, refusing to accept the possibility of magic
- he is a little condescending when speaking to other people
- he doesn't respect his son's opinion
- he met and married his wife after she became pretty enough from drinking a magic potion

Please let me know what you think!
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I don't tend to have a clear picture when I read. But when I saw your art, I saw the first one (a) as Mr Verres-Evans and then wondered who the other guys were.

D also looks rather good, but I thought it was a grown up Harry, or at least a blood relation. I'd say it was his bio-dad, but in a universe where he was also Ravenclaw. He just looks like he loves reading books, but is sassy about it (kinda like the Tenth Doctor, since you mention it).
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I don't think Michael Verres-Evans really loves Petunia like she loves him. If he only married her after her beauty makeover ala potion usage, then their union might not be the best one. Harry might have a better childhood under them, but what about the couple in question? It was implied in the first chapter that Michael tries to make Petunia feel like an idiot, after all...
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That's a very good point, exactly what I had in mind when reading about their story :D (Big Grin) 
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Definitely had "A" in mind while reading but I think I'm in love with "D"! I thought of him for some reason as not too stylish (Like b or c) or lightly built and DEFINITELY wearing a sweater vest. Also I thought of him as having some Spanish/Latin American ancestry because of his last name so darker coloring. 
kilkil98's avatar
Probably something like the facial features of b), but an expression more closely matching a).
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In my mind when I read HPatMOR D) is the image that usually pops into my mind. He has a cool and intelligent look in his eyes but still manage to look friendly (the Good Parent)
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My first reaction was C) because it seems to bring across the arrogance/condescending aspect while still looking intelligent/good-looking... but then I had a second look and thought A) reflects his age better, brings across the rationalist aspect although a bit of the arrogance is lost.
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My money is on C... seems the more condescending of all xD
onlyhuwman's avatar
A) looks like a young Sean Connery
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My money's on b), though it's just the closest to how I imagined him. None of theis an exact match.
I guess, that's normal.
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Thanks for the continued votes! It seems most votes fall between a) and d). I tried to do a merger in the portrait "A Happier Family", let me know if you think I nailed it/failed and why. Loving the feedback!…
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D and C are laught, and they dress in official costumes. (sorry about my english.) But they are more look like pr. Verres-Evans (but D is so... think. If I know this word right. In russian: "D слишком... узкий".)
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I go with a) he remind me of my genetic teacher in Cegep

b) remind me of Daniel Jackson in Stargate

c) look more like the 11th Doctor (I'M GINGER AT LAST)

d) look like a psycologist

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Thanks for the detailed reply! I see what you mean about the (ginger) 11th doctor, lol! I think you're the only one who "gets" b), just because he's good looking doesn't mean he can't be smart - in fact, it fits in pretty well with the superficial personality who'd only be interested in Petunia after her transformation. d) does look like a psychologist! Thanks for the feedback. :)
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d, but maybe a little less pale, or the hair more brown. a is the second best
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they're really good :)
Korn-Elia's avatar
Thank you! ^_^ Hadn't drawn a thing in ages, so I was a bit surprised they turned out fine. :P
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I kinda imagine C would fit the closest thing to what I imagine.
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d!!! i think that he it's a definitely d.
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A is conventional enough, but not pretty enough to be swayed by the appearance of his partner.
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