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So, what exactly is the character you just joined? Is it an equine, a rhuid, or a non-equine? And why the heck does it matter?

To put it simply, it matters because equines cannot breed with characters who are less than 90% equine. In order to help moderators determine which characters can breed, we've outlined a list of 100 physical traits that, when included on your character, help determine into which percentage group they fall.

Equines are any characters that are joined or born with 0 non-equid traits.

A Rhuid is any character who is 80-99% equine, meaning they can be joined or born with up to 20 non-equid traits. Generally speaking, Rhuids are primarily equine in appearance, but not all of them are equine enough to have foals with a character who is 100% equine.

A Non-Equine is any character who is 0-79% equine, meaning they must be joined or born with at least 21 non-equid traits. Traditionally speaking, non-equines are NOT horse-like in any way, but this isn't always the case.

The fewer non-equid traits, the more equine your character is.

Moderators will determine your character's ability to breed with an equine by using the following list. They may also use this list on occasion to ensure that your joining stats are correct (aka if you join a character and say he or she is a Rhuid, but this list determines he or she has too many non-equid traits, you may be required to edit your stats and list them as a Non-Equine or remove traits).

1. Antlers
2. Alicorn
3. Cloven hooves
4. Lion's tail
5. Feathered Wings
6. Beard
7. Scales
8. Feathers on body
9. Non-traditional body hues
10. Gills
11. Paws
12. Beak
13. Sharp teeth/fangs (carnivorous)
14. Prehensile digits
15. Tusks
16. Long neck
17. No legs
18. Aquatic
19. Extra legs
20. Unnatural mane/tail coloration
21. Bald
22. Glowing
23. Glittery
24. 'Metallic' shimmer
25. Thermal vision
26. Nocturnal
27. Large ears
28. Small ears
29. No ears
30. Talons
31. Egg-laying
32. Gemstones on body
33. Quills
34. Dorsal spines
35. Dorsal sail
36. Antennae
37. Frill
38. Tentacles
39. Webbed feet
40. Prehensile tongue
41. Chameleon-like camouflage
42. Venomous
43. No eyes
44. Exposed bones
45. Multiple heads
46. Forked tongue
47. Cold-blooded
48. Whiskers
49. Water-proof coat
50. Unnatural body markings
51. Bat-like wings
52. Spurs
53. Bioluminescence
54. Lion's mane
55. Flukes
56. Flippers
57. Retractable teeth
58. Retractable claws
59. Dog-like muzzle
60. Horns
61. Side patagium (for gliding)
62. Tail patagium (for swimming or gliding)
63. Shelled
64. Armored body
65. Barbs (on tail or elsewhere)
66. Single eye (normal for species, no injury)
67. More than two eyes
68. No tail
69. Stubby tail
70. Armored tail
71. Whip tail
72. Pouch (for food or carrying young)
73. Hybrid appearance: equine x canine
74. Hybrid appearance: equine x avian
75. Hybrid appearance: equine x feline
76. Hybrid appearance: equine x cetacean (aquatic creature)
77. Hybrid appearance: equine x cervidae (deer)
78. Hybrid appearance: canine x avian
79. Hybrid appearance: canine x feline
80. Hybrid appearance: canine x cetacean
81. Hybrid appearance: canine x cervidae
82. Hybrid appearance: avian x feline
83. Hybrid appearance: avian x cetacean
84. Hybrid appearance: avian x cervidae
85. Hybrid appearance: feline x cetacean
86. Hybrid appearance: feline x cervidae
87. Hybrid appearance: cetacean x cervidae
88. Reptilian
89. Amphibious
90. Retractable spines
91. Burrowing
92. Rodent-like teeth
93. Collapsible skeletal structures
94. Tendrils
95. Eats insects
96. Multiple mandibles (jaws)
97. Skin only, no fur, scales or feathers
98. Lives in trees
99. Moves by hopping
100. Trunk

To determine whether your character is an equine, rhuid or non-equine, simply add up the total number of traits they possess (from this list) and subtract that number from 100. The remaining number is the percentage. If that number is less than 80, your character is a Non-Equine. If that number is between 80 and 99, your character is a Rhuid. If that number is 100, your character is an Equine

Non-Equines can breed with other Non-Equines, but they cannot breed with Rhuids and they cannot breed with equines.

Rhuids can breed with other Rhuids.

Equines can breed with other equines OR with Rhuids who are at least 90% equine.

If your character wishes to breed with an equine but does not reach the 90% threshold, you can purchase trait reversals from the Market, but these trait reversals are permanent and can only be used once per character!
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