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My friend :iconxadrian-xray-dan: has started round 2 on the 100 Artists Project he is running.
Read more about it on his journal here:…
Or check the project's main site here:

Well I've really enjoyed my stay here so far.
And though I've been really bad at keeping up with comments and questions so far I'll try to be better at answering them from now on.
I really appreciate all the feedback I've been getting. Going to answer some of the questions I've left hanging very soon.

I think that's all for now.
ClanLatria Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008  Professional Artist
I just stumbled upon your picture with the old man squirting stuff through cheetah heads and the attacking zebras with the little monkeys with flaming skull. As a fan of the original sequence with the old man squirting milky water to the dude, I can only salute the nice overhaul you gave to the stuff, making it even wackier than it was in the first place. Which wasn't a given.
korintic Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2008
Thanks. Definitely tried to go as absurd as I could with that one. And yeah one of the fun things about that piece is to see who recognizes the reference.
ClanLatria Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2008  Professional Artist
Yeah it worked: the added absurdity and personal render give enough individuality to the piece to make it stand out from the original, yet the reference is still there for those in the know.
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