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the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


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love this look, amazing

My fav 4 horsemen art

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Wow só incredible in the Future i Will draw the horsemans in manga style in future
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Does anyone know where to get this in hi-res for printing?
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Interesting interpretation
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Why is the horseman of war has a burning head ? I think that can have a soldier riding on a horse instead of that terrible horseman
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What are those guys represent ?
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The antichrist, death, famine, and war.
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He's in the Bible in the book of Revelations. The Bible is where we actually get "The Four Horsemen."  At the End of Days, the Antichrist is supposed to be the one to step on the scene and take over the world and he's really, really evil.  Most people don't include him in "The Four Horsemen" and prefer to use "Pestilence", but in this piece, seeing as how the person sitting on the lead horse is majestic looking and powerful, I'm inclined that the artist intended for them to be the antichrist.
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Other interpretations view him as Conquest, representing the spread of Christianity. These interpretations do not view him as evil but instead as a force of justice. I think korintic likely meant for him to be that-- korintic's depictions of evil are usually grotesque and very corporeal, this depiction seems to have more of a holy quality to him. That being said, I'm not the artist so I can't speak to his intentions.
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Seems I know something from the Bible and thank you
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    Yup , Apocalypse , yeah !
    Nice ...
    And  this  damned  without-eyes-world  under  their  horses .
    Horrific  and  pretty .
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I would love if this could be commissioned - want to print it and hang it on my wall
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I just flipped out
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Very stylized, thank you.
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The dark halo/crown thing around War's head (I think it's war, right?) is really amazing. I love the sort of godliness about it, though its still clearly an unholy thing
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Conquest. War is the one with the fiery head and spears going through his body. Conquest is biblically the Rider of the White Horse, though in the West he is sometimes replaced with Pestilence, as white was associated with disease. Here is the embodiment of Conquest, symbolizing the subjugation of Humanity.
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I always interpreted conquest as human greed and lust for power, spreading chaos through the nations, thus bringing forth war, famine, and ultimately pestilence and death that wipe out millions of lives.
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Oh, cool! Thanks for filling me in!
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