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Forty Years of Magical Girls

By KoriMichele
She's finally here!

I dropped the ball on the character-by-character reveals for a while there (who knew getting married was so much work?) but here it is, fully revealed on the internet!

I'll be selling 23 x 35 inch posters at Another Anime Con ( [link] ) in Nashua, New Hampshire next month (October 14 through 16), along with the trading-card counterparts! Come see me! And buy one!

The original painting is 23 x 30 inches (active area 16 x 36.)
Holbein watercolor and gouache on Arches watercolor paper. Poster was designed by my partner (and now husband!) Peter Selmayr.

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One of my favorite anime genres ever. ^u^
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Exelent work thanks for sharing, i recognize a lot of this girls but not all of them, my favorites are honey, Utena, Hikaru from magik knigth rayearth, cure black and white, my favorites and in my opinion the best of the Pretty cure franchise, and more importantly you draw them using the suits of the first season, my opinion the best suits were those because they ilustrate what the series original idea, these are my favorites but the others are good too i love Nanoha but the last part the last season was a bit slow for my taste and there were parts that i didnt like, also certains things in the series and actitud i didnt particularly likePretear and Corrector yui i love them too but not so much as other, dont misunderstand me there were very good series, awesome, but well you know not as good as others, tokio mew mew i wastch only one chapter and i think i didnt like so much, thats it, the girls at the bottom i dont recognize them maybe if i know the series i watch them, thanks for sharing these awesome and beautiful work full with awesome memories, and characters that define in my opinion the gender that maka anime so famous
One of my best friend's is addicted to the original sailor moon... :) Magical girls rock my socks. :>
RedCard94's avatar
40 years of Magical excellence!!!!
GonzotheAlienBassist's avatar
Is it sad I know all the names of these?
OnYourGoat's avatar
*squeels in delight*
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
I can't believe I recognize the "duck girl" in this picture. Didn't something happen to her every time she heard the word "quack", or something like that? I'm male, so I tried to purge all memory of her from my brain, but it didn't quite work... :iconaahplz:
SachimiChan's avatar
OMG!! Magical girl is probably my favorite manga genre, it's so amazing to see all the heroines on one picture!! *_*
Kintarotpc's avatar
I can't believe my eyes... You actually have Puni Puni Poemi in there. Nice!
Hop-is-my-Hero's avatar
That's a lot of Magical Girls. Love it.
I love it!
Please post a list of who the characters
and what the show their from!
sailortitan's avatar

maybe I'll have to make it to that con.... ¬.¬
KoriMichele's avatar
*becons* Join us! Joiiiiiin usssssssss! I've got room in the hotel room for you!
sailortitan's avatar
I don't thikn I can :C I'm just not ready for that kind of drive yet. Soooo scaaaary....
KoriMichele's avatar
That's a "no," then?

S'aright. Another time! ^_^
sailortitan's avatar
I'm probably going to portland this fall, if you want to meet up! I could probably drive to brunswick, driving in ME is way less scary IMO. Not as many big highways.
KoriMichele's avatar
Ooh, well, I look forward to seeing you. Good luck!
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I had to fav it! Congratulations! It represents a lot of work I think!
erisama's avatar
I see many known faces!
Good job! <3
RakikoHime's avatar
Wow this is awesome!
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