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I'm so in love with Benedict Cumberbatch right now after watching Sherlock a few weeks ago *__* What a beautiful man.

Will be selling this print at Comikaze this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center! Come visit me :D
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very amazing coloration love it your pic and Sherlock & Watson+fav deviantART I think I've fainted. Heart I think I've fainted. Sherlock Holmes Woohooooo! Hi! 
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Exactly lol "brain is the new sexy"
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Oh, my...Love Heart Heart Heart

Gorgeous, thank you! Clap
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awesome picture! I love Benedict too!
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I agree, i think he has mind control powers through his physical appearance or something cause I can't shake how obsessed I am with him... very nice!
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Excuse me while I drool everywhere. Benedict Cumberbatch :heart:
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It's hard not to love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.
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Ah! I love the little "Sherlock?" Adds a lot of depth/emotion!
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*squee*!! I agree!!
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:iconirapeitplz: This must be a Big Mac, because I am lovin it. XD

And actually yes, your John-hair is right. It is parted on the side like that, and it was only shorter in the first episode. :) Don't know what John those other folks were thinking of.
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Lovely art work, but John's hair is wrong.
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thanks, but how is it wrong exactly?
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John's hair is more shorter, and isn't parted to the side :)
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I really like them too.
Actually it went like this...
"BBC Sherlock? hmmm... Maybe it is nice" *after 2 minutes* "Well... not very interesting, maybe I should watch something else"*after 10 minutes* "OMG! I love Sherlock! I love it!"
So I am very happy with this pic :)
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His cheekbones could cut glass. Love this.
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Oh my god, this is so cool! How on earth do you do this??? Like, do you paint it first and then edit via Photoshop or something? I must say, I think you've captured Sherlock's and Watson's persona's to a T! So so so good xD
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it's not even his face that gets me. it's that sexy deep voice when he's tell people they are stupid in a clever way.
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This is so beautiful. You've captured Benedict's and Martin's likeness very well.

Oh Benedict... /dreamy sigh
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Hi! My name's Hannah, and I run a blog called a Guide to Deduction. ( I'm collecting outstanding Sherlock fanart for a book which will try to help save Undershaw House (the home of Arthur Conan Doyle). If you give permission for me to use work, it will published with full credit to you and will available to buy from May along with other Sherlock Holmes work in a charitable book. Deadline is March 11th.
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