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Well my 52 week project is finally complete and I’ve got to say I’m really happy with how it panned out. I wanted to get art back into my life, despite a full time job, and try and make a habit of it. And I feel I’ve done that.

The biggest thing for me this year was picking up watercolours. I hadn’t painted really since I was about 11 and frankly hated trying to add colour to anything I drew. But now I only wish I had started painting sooner.

I want to continue building on what I’ve started. However I want to get more of a balance between digital, and traditional, and I want to give Acrylics a try. So with that in mind I’m starting the new year with a new Weekly project! 

For those of you who do follow me on DA part of my resolutions is to try and post more frequently, because posting nearly 40 things the afternoon of New Years Eve isn't the most responsible of me....

I do tend to post more doodle and work in progress type things on tumblr for any of you who want to see those - hannahshilliday.tumblr.com/

And I also sell some of my designs on redbubble here for those of you interested in some of my stickers - www.redbubble.com/people/korik…

And with that I hope 2014 is Rad for you all

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Good news! I have finally got my rear in gear (haha I made that rhyme) and am posting art at last Huzzah!

Myself and my friends :iconkarerawr: and :iconscaaz: have decided to kick off the new year with an art project, similar to the 365 day one I did 2 years ago.

As we all have full time jobs now we've decided to go with something more realistic, so we're doing a 52 week project where we will post a finished piece of art each week.

Because I'm trying to keep my DeviantArt more for finished stuff there might not be as much doodle/wip type stuff on here anymore as I have kind of moved that stuff to my tumblr here - hannahshilliday.tumblr.com/

I also now sell some of my designs on redbubble here for those of you interested in some of my stickers - www.redbubble.com/people/korik…

So with that I shall now vanish off into the night, to stay up late browsing tumblr and hopefully post some art somewhere inbetween!

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So I've been really terrible at posting art lately. And by lately I mean pretty much the entire year....

But I am trying to do better and have posted a slew of all my doodles and stuff. I've had a pretty interesting year so far. Crazy busy at my job, and I've lost a few managers recently so I've taken on a lot more responsibility someone as new as me normally doesn't do. I've also had a bit of a crazy going on with my love life, but I won't go into that.

Commissions info:
I am a jerk for not getting around to these but if you genuinely still want one PLEASE just spam me with a note to do it for you!

Because I live in London now and still lack a lot of friends I'm likely going to the London DA meet up on the 30th of June

I don't know if there are any of my watchers that are going, so if you are and possibly want to meet me and geek out about stuff like ponies or zelda or just stuff in general I'd love to meet you!

I will be bringing some of my STICKERS!

Sticker update - read description by Korikian

Which I will be giving to people I deem awesome enough for them ( hopefully I don't run out! )

That's pretty much it for now, I will update again later
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Happy New Year!

2 min read
2011 is drawing to a close as has my 365 Day project! This time last year I came up with the bright idea of doing something arty everyday!

The 365th Deviation!
365 Day 365 Kero's Happy New Year Wish by Korikian

It's been an interesting year and I've got to admit this is the first new years resolution I've managed to keep. I fell off the tracks a few times, and even though I wasn't uploading each day I was still making art, which was the point of my project!

I now have 365 deviations to prove it! A small few are hiding in my scraps due to pure embarrassment! But they are there!

It's also been one heck of a year!

- Graduated college as a Graphic Designer
- Taken a month off to travel the UK
- Moved back in with my parents while I waited for Canadian Citizenship (which I still don't have)
- Immigrated to the UK
- Traveled to Northern Ireland to see all my relatives that I hadn't seen in over 13 years!
- Gotten a proper job after 2 months of Interning!

Lets hope 2012 will be just as exciting!

Thank you to all my watchers who followed me along the way! It was great encouragement for me to keep going!

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New year!

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Holiday Rush!

4 min read


So first of all, sorry for falling of the internet again after I said I wasn't going to... again.

I am going to get in touch with everyone about any outstanding commissions if you still want them that is!

Because I am so behind on my Dailies but determined to complete this project, and because it's the Holiday season I'm going to do commissions at a reduced rate!

Commission Info:

Single pony vector - 5$ or for 6$ you get a filly version of the character extra!
365 Day 223 Kara by Korikian

Filly vector - 2$
365 Day 261 Korikian Filly by Korikian

Two ponies vector with filly vector - 10$
365 Day 216 Thunderbolt by Korikian + 365 Day 307 Starburst Filly by Korikian

Regular commissions:

Speed paintings - 2$ (I try and spend about an hour on these so they are very rough)
365 Day 235 Snape by Korikian


Not so Speed painting - 6$ ( About 2-3 hours can still be a bit rough depending on clothing etc.)
365 Day 234 Draco Malfoy by Korikian

People who already have asked for commissions and I have either not billed them or started them apply to this reduced cost

If you want a commission please note me with the details of what it is you want.
*NOTE: Because I am trying to catch up on a backlog of dailies I won't want to accept commissions that are really time consuming so if you have something more complex in mind it might be better to save it for when I have more free time*

eg. Pose, colours, expressions, CM or any personal made pictures are helpful as well.

I am currently accepting a few points commissions, but I prefer to do transfers via Pay pal.
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