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365 day 157 David Tennant

Oh David I can't help but paint you :)

Done in about 8 ish hours
So proud that I finally am starting to get the hair right :D
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lovehearttune's avatar
This is a drawing?? I cant tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG HE LOOKS AWESOME!! GOOD JOB!! 
CrystalRose2's avatar
Wow! This is really beautiful! Even if one ignores the fact that it's David. Awesome!
chrisluver142003's avatar
My friend LOVES the Doctor. She saw this and was like OMG O.O. She said its otaku certified. (i have no idea what that means. ^.^;; )
Korikian's avatar
Haha I have no idea what that means either:P
CherryBlossomShadows's avatar
Otaku is someone obsessed with anime/manga/japanese stuff. :P
chrisluver142003's avatar
I'll have to ask and see I guess. Rofl
AymsterSilver's avatar
Dr. Who is my life.
Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
Yeah, his hair ain't easy, but it's looking good.

Love his smirk!
Korikian's avatar
thanks :) I love his smirk too! *drool* :P
LuffyNoTomo's avatar
OMG i too have trouble with his hair XD he is so hard to draw but im also trying to draw him bec. i lov Dr Who and i have some cool comic ideas =3

great work~! =D
Korikian's avatar
I find when I'm painting the hair is the only thing that looks unrealistic like they're wearing a wig :P
LuffyNoTomo's avatar
yea hes got some great hair yet super hard to draw X3
RuthusRJB's avatar
Amazingggg~ :D Glad you had fun in England!
Gleca's avatar
LadyAvernyia's avatar
I thought this was a photo from the thumbnail! :p
Korikian's avatar
Then the illusion was a success!
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