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You'll get this if you've read My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie AND get this meme. Otherwise it's unfunny.
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I have actually found all her accounts that she currently uses.

Youtube -…

I am deeply ashamed that I found these.

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Except that the Youtube channel is not hers it seems.
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Her original channel was deleted. This one just reuploads all the lost content.
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and most of them are deleted i hope she dies 
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Oh sweet god, I want to put this in my reading video XD

We're currently reading My Immortal and my friend just snaps and calls Ebony a poser. XD
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Finallysomeone made this
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hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha i can't stop laughing i love this
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Thankyou so much for making this
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BAHAHAHA!!! I could not find the original version of that story, only one that someone spell checked, and it was probably only slightly less irritating (and MCR is not an emo band in any way)
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I LOVE my immortal. it makes me laugh SO hard. I messaged her way back when on her spelling. She then accused me of being a prep.

I then corrected her saying I was only half prep, the other half is goth XD

You did super good with this, i just hope you don't actually make it look like your tears are blood in real life. I hate it when people scare kids. XD
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That fanfic is the only true poser. SInce I believe there is no such thing as a wannabe goth.
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Oh God this is incredible :iconohmygodplz:
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Aww, I had the same idea. Nice though XD
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Ahaha, before I made this, I was paranoid about someone beating me to it. XD
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Its....kind of terrifying that I knew what this was. I think another piece of my soul just died. LAUGHING.
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Lol. XD Glad I could make you laugh.
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XD oh god, this is brilliant.

ebony is all :iconamgplz:
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Hahahaha XDDDD Thanks.
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