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MS Paint hair shading tutorial

I'm not very eloquent, so I didn't write steps. If you want me to explain I will ^.^

This is a WIP on MS paint and so far it's going pretty well...I hope I'll be able to say the same for the rest of it.
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See guys? MS paint isn't as bad as you think!
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explain please >.<
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Omg sorry I haven't been on here in soo long D: the way I did it is
-fill the whole thing with the middle color
-draw the sections of hair with the next darkest color
-repeat this a few times with gradually darker colors, there should be the darkest on the hairline and behind the head
-with a lighter color than your first color, draw even smaller hair sections within your sections
-go over this a few times with gradually lighter colors
-add a few white highlights
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So just to be clear: You put the first dark shade of your main color in first right? Then move on to the second,third and so on? =o I'm not very good at hair shading ^^;
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Awesome! I never did have enough patience to work with MS paint...
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Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely slow and frustrating at times.. XD
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well aren't you a forking genius

teach jude your ms paint skillz
it's the only program he uses
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Is that sarcastic? D':

Lol, from looking at his pics I don't think he's interested in learning skills...
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No it wasn't.
I mean, comparatively, you're a MASTER.
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Hahahahah comparatively anyone is xD
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ikr. that helps alot. oDo
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