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Free adoptable eggs

Please give them good homes!

First come first serve. Comment with the number you want, and fill out the info.. Draw a pic of what it hatched into and post link here. It can be any species but it must have at least the designs on the egg, you can add more. Please try to finish within about a week, tho I won't take you off the list. 2 eggs max per person but I might expand that if there are not many takers.

short bio:

1. TAKEN- ~MystXwolf [link]
2. HOLD- *xXStaceXx
3. TAKEN- ~kristy1giroro [link] and ~Emimaru [link]
4. TAKEN- ~RacoonPaws [link]
5. HOLD- ~angelofdeath234
6. TAKEN- ~Emimaru [link]
7. TAKEN ~Dorothy-in-oz [link]
8. HOLD- *xXStaceXx
10. TAKEN- ~sonic319fire [link]
11. OPEN
12. HOLD- ~angelofdeath234
13. TAKEN- ~sonic319fire [link]
14. TAKEN ~Dorothy-in-oz [link]
15. TAKEN - ~Madymouse [link]
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Hi! If 9 is still open can you put it on hold For me? It gave me a cute idea for a little cloud humanoid creature! I’ll fill out the form aswell but I have a bit of catchup art to do.

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Art Trade... by nerotoxin06
cousin of two of my ocs
Nitro The Umbreon by nerotoxin06  
Kore the umbreon by nerotoxin06  
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Name: Puff
species: ClawTail (What it looks like here:…)
gender: Female
short bio: She is very Pastel colored, She is always happy and is very affectionate, Loves staring at the clouds and imagining then as strange shapes! Loves cheeseburgers, Candy and going places she has never gone before!  
Already Started on what she looks like!
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i can do number 9
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Number: 9
Name: Gale
species: storm dragon
gender: male
short bio: he is a small dragon with quick movements and a even quicker mind. static ripples at his paws shocking anything he touches. lives in the mountains so he can fly and feel free. he is lonely and welcomes company. Gale tends to take his anger out on the clouds causing rain or sunshine down below. lives inside a cave with many burrows for anyone who wants to visit but never does.
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short bio:
spectra is a spectrum dragon otherwise known as a rainbow dragon
spectra doesn't live with humans rather she lives in a cave with an air pocket underwater near a town
spectra doesn't have any pets or anything the only thing close to that is a shark called rip who comes to eat the scraps of food
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Is this still open? I hope so..
Name-Floofball :3
Species-Fennec Fox (magical air type thing)
Bio-She has a very bold personality, not afraid of anything or anyone. She is usually very light and funny, but if she gets mad she can be like a storm. She has the ability to conjure clouds and wind, and use them to her advantage. She gets her name from her fluffy fur and is sometimes nicknamed "Floof." C:
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Number eleven
Sunny's egg
Look on my page to find Sunny!
(this is the egg she hatched out of)
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Number: 9
Name: Skye
Species: Fox Kemonomimi
Gender: Male
Bio: Always being teased for his girly name and appearance, Skye is very self-conscious. He likes to wear baggy hoodies and sweats to not stand out, and has long, white, curly hair that looks like clouds, and has blue glasses.
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Number: 11
Name: Rainbow
species: Unicron
gender: Female
short bio: She was born from storm clouds and mist after that she roamed the land sprending joy and rainbows.
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can i have 11
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could I have 11 please
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can I have nine?
awesome, seeks adventure! friendly <3
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She is very nice and friendly and sometimes shy! But she has a great sense of humor!
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Hold 9 and 11 for me! 

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^^ never mind 
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can i have #11 plz?
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can I have #9 plz?
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:/ i had 9 first
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[link] Camofloss is done (number 11)
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i was also the first 1 to draw 11
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[link] done! this is for number 9, i think i was the first one to finish drawing for this one
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