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Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter: Table for Demons by KorianderBullard Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter: Table for Demons by KorianderBullard
So this is from Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter's second book. In this scene, Mindy, Hadagi and Panti are all seated inside Panti's chamber in Hell, drinking wine and plotting against Ki-Chan. I really wanted to do a candid scene with these three, adding a slight hint of humanity to them.

This took me a week to draw. Drawing Hell is really... HELL! =P  

Hadagi was the most challenging to draw. Here, he's just gotten up from a rough night's sleep (which is why the cape is missing) so I wanted to convey the feeling of him having bedhead with respect to the fact that... well... his hair is made of fire. ^^;

A Kasai Yosei (a fire fairy demon with bat wings for ears) is behind Mindy's shoulder. These sprites are silent messengers. Their job is to conjure images in thin air, similar to having a crystal ball but without needing such equipment. They spy on humans and in this tale, Ki-Chan's group, but only Ruey ever notices them, since he has pyro abilities. You can tell when they're around, because you'll smell sweetened burning leaves around you.

In the background is Hell's Merchant Row. While I didn't put this into the book, Panti chose this spot for her private chamber because of it's proximity to shopping. Merchant Row is similar to a farmer's market in that you never quite know what each table has until you peer under the tent. Can you see what's for sale?
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