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How are you doing, fancy photographers?
If you missed last month's interview with Simply Random make sure you check it out here:

This month's special photographer is the talented Jencus from Singapore! He pays special attention for detail, accuracy and background, which make his photos exceptional!

KWC: Introduce yourself, what's your name, age and what do you do?
Jencus: Hi, I’m Jencus from Singapore. Started off as a hobbyist in landscape photography in 2012 and fell in love with cosplay photography since 2013. Currently, I am working as a trader in financial markets.

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CN: Nanami Evans

KWC: What is your favorite game/manga/anime/comic/movie?
Jencus: Favorite (ex..)game will have to be World of Warcraft! Have to force myself to quit due to over addiction.. =X
As for favorite mangas/anime.. Naruto, One piece, Gintama, Kill la Kill, Log Horizon, SAO, Magi, Berserk, Claymore, Gundam Seed, Psycho Pass, The Breaker, Magician, Flame of Recca, Yureka, Accel World, Witch Hunter, Mahou Tsukai Kurohime, Hunter x Hunter.. too many to name all!!

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Dong Fang Bu Bai 东方不败 by MikoMoe Georgine Kyojin

KWC: What about favorite characters?
Jencus: Kakashi from Naruto, Sinbad from Magi and Inori from Guilty Crown.

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Makie Sasaki (Yukata Ver.) by Otohime Rand

KWC: What's your dream photoshoot?
Jencus: Maybe by starting off photography as a landscapist, I like to place a heavy emphasis on details and the backgrounds. In cosplay context, I feel that together with a proper cosplay by cosplayer(s), these are necessary to enhance and portray the feels of the series and characters as a whole.
However, suitable locations are scarce in Singapore. Hence, my dream shoot will likely to be a suitable oversea location with suitable cosplayer(s) in detailed cos and props.

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Kirakishou by 虞尘 yuchen

KWC: Do you have some favourite photographers or a role model?
Jencus: My favourite cosplay photographer is 35ryo. Amazing composition with suitable backgrounds, lightings and colours that portrays the right feels for the characters in the series.

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Robin (Manga Ver) by Evi Natalia Mizuki Reina

KWC: Who's your favorite cosplayer? Anyone you'd love to photograph?
Jencus: Favorite cosplayers are Mon from Taiwan and Miyuko from Korea. Of course, I love to work with them one day, but I am very willing to shoot with anyone who can properly cos their characters.

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Lightning by Miyuku Saku Cosplay

KWC: How did you get interested in cosplay photography?
Jencus: My first encounter with cosplayers was in late 2012, where a few photography friends brought me to a cosplay convention. Being a long time fan of animes & mangas, I was amazed by the cosplayers!
However, I did not have any prior portrait/cosplay photography experiences.. this led me to start researching online for the know-how and looked at alot of photos & fanarts for inspirations. The learning processes spiralled into deeper interest in cosplay photography in 2013.
Nevertheless, I should say a big THANK YOU to the cosplayers/photographers/helpers around me for giving me the opportunities to practice and try out stuffs along the way!

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SeeU by Yukarin: Story Of My Life

KWC: Why did you choose that artistic name?
Jencus: LOL.. its my real name.. before I realised, its already too late to change to an internet alias.

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Prompto by Douglas Cool-rose Bondade

KWC: What's your favorite photo taken by you so far?
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Yaya by Connie Ownsyourheart
Raishin by Maverick Villenguez/ Max's Derps

Jencus: This photo was taken in a single long exposure, using light painting for the effects. It is significant to me as its a combination of cosplay portraiture and light painting (which I fancy when doing landscapes), as well as a re-visited concept and a better attempt compared to my first planned cosplay shoot.

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Neptune by ReAl Teo

KWC: Are you comfortable with the way you are right now or is there anything you would like to improve about yourself as a photographer?
Jencus: Haha yea~ I am trying out stuffs and gaining more shoot experience at a comfortable pace. I will still need to improve in alot of areas, particularly in group compositions, picking angles and adjusting expression for cosplayers.

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Perona by Angel Lee Yan Yi

KWC: Do you shoot for free?
Jencus: Yes for cosplay photography, since I taking it as a hobby :3

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Miku by Kimberly Hearts JungMin

KWC: Is there any important lesson you have learned since you started cosplay photography?
Jencus: Preparation is very important. It will give some allowances to the unexpected situations during shoots, as well as the possibility of setting up a location with appropriate props/ effects to portray the desired scene, which may not be usually available in Singapore.

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Morgiana by Shiratori Aki

KWC: What's your opinion on the cosplay community in your country?
Jencus: Actually I have not done enough shoots or exposed to most part of the community to form a proper opinion on the community. But generally I feel that the community here is growing and improving, with a nice mix of cosplayers from nearby Malaysia too.

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Maizono by Aoi Cosplayer/ Aoi Geki

KWC: Do you have anything motivational or advice for the new cosplay photographers out there?
Jencus: Plan your shoot and review on how it can be done better before jumping into the next shoot.

That's all for now!
If you enjoyed our little showcase and Jencus' interview make sure you check out his work here on DA (Jencus) or Facebook:… !

Thank you so much for reading, all suggestions for cosplayers/photographers of the month are welcome.
See you next month!! ♥︎

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