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How are you doing, fancy cosplayers?

If you missed last month's interview with InugamiDesu you can read it here:
This month's guest is dat-baka, another Australian cosplayer with a great sense of humor! How InugamiDesu describes him: "Mmmmm he's really happy , playful really caring and always thinks positive ~"
Check him out ! (´ω`)

KWC: Hello, introduce yourself.
dat-baka: Hello everyone! my name is Dat and I am 20 years old. :)

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弱虫ペダル Yowamushi Pedal
今泉 俊輔 Imaizumi Shunsuke
Photo by Kaallisi

KWC: What is your favorite game/anime/movie?
dat-baka: My Favourite game is FFX,
Favourite anime is Kuroko no Basuke
and lastly my favourite Movie is Infernal Affairs!

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ドッグス: バレッツ&カーネイジ Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
バドー・ネイルズ Badou Nails
Photo by Kaallisi

KWC: What about favorite characters?
dat-baka: Tidus (FFX) has always been my idol since I was a little boy :'D

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ハイキュー!! Haikyū!!
影山 飛雄 Kageyama Tobio
Photo by Kaallisi

KWC: Have you gotten the chance to cosplay him?
dat-baka: Not yet but hopefully this year!

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八田美咲 Yata Misaki: Raikou[ライコウ]
伏見猿比古 Fushimi Saruhiko: Dat-baka

KWC: Do you have some favourite cosplayers or a role model?
dat-baka: Of coursee! I have many cosplayer idols, to name some of the bigger ones are Reika, Kaname & Yuegene

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サイコパス Psycho-Pass
狡噛 慎也 Shinya Kōgami
Photo by Mark Sombillo

KWC: Who's your favorite cosplay photographer? Anyone you'd love to be photographed by?
dat-baka: I love every cosplay photographer! and would love to be shot by anyone to be honest :'D

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夜神月 Yagami Light
デスノート Death Note
Photo by Kaallisi

KWC: When did you start cosplaying and which character was it? How did you get interested in cosplay?
dat-baka: I cosplayed Sanji from one piece and L from deathnote in 2009 I think, (very long time ago)
I got interested in cosplay because I saw everyone dressing up at a convention and was very keen on joining in!

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ソードアート・オンライン Sword Art Online
壷井遼太郎 Tsuboi Ryōtarō ll クライン Klein
Photo by Wolfenheim84

KWC: What's your favorite cosplay so far?
dat-baka: My Monkey King cosplay has always been my favourite, since I got to act the part too *cheeky grin*

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Monkey King / Monkey Magic
Photoshop : ZFXDesign
Photographer : Lucian Lau

KWC: Are you comfortable with the way you are right now or is there anything you would like to improve about yourself as a cosplayer?
dat-baka: Honestly I would love to learn more about sewing, I am still very veeery new to sewing :'D //scared of the needles

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うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Uta no Prince-sama
聖川 真斗 Hijirikawa Masato
Photo by Kaallisi

KWC: What is the hardest part when you are starting a new cosplay?
dat-baka: Makeup was a very challenging thing for me when beginning, I used a permanent marker when I was young and naive XD

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黒子のバスケ Kuroko no Basuke
黄瀬 涼太 Kise Ryōta: Dat-baka
青峰 大輝 Aomine Daiki: K-tetsu
Photography: Blackcrane56

KWC: How do you manage your time to make your costumes?
dat-baka: Not very well to be honest, Always leaving it last couple of days (do not try this at home)

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ドラゴンボール Dragon Ball
孫 悟空 Son Goku

KWC: Is there any important lesson you have learned since you started cosplaying?
dat-baka: I've learnt that what others think does not matter, as long as you are having fun and with your friends or meeting new people, as long as you are happy you shouldn't care about negativity from people.

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うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Uta no Prince-sama
黒崎蘭丸 Kurosaki Ranmaru
Photo by Kaallisi

KWC: What do your family and friends think about cosplay? Do they like it?
dat-baka: I don't have much of a family but my little brother wants to get into cosplay when hes grown a little bit more, as for friends I have friends that think its cool and some friends that (in their words) think "I look like a lesbian" xD

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Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
松岡 凛 Matsuoka Rin - Dat Baka
七瀬 遙 Nanase Haruka - NO:Cat
橘 真琴 Tachibana Makoto - DANNY
竜ヶ崎 怜 Ryūgazaki Rei - Pandori Photography - Pandographi
葉月 渚 Hazuki Nagisa - Aoki
Photo by Mtknot

KWC: What's your opinion on the cosplay community in your country?
dat-baka: Very welcoming & very helping, a little bit of drama but hey,
where there is a big group of people there will always be drama.

KWC: Do you have anything motivational or advice for the new cosplayers out there?
dat-baka: As Nike says "Just do it" ///lame

KWC: List of cosplays so far:
dat-baka: Definitely can not keep track of my own cosplays gomen gomen :'D

Thanks for reading ^^ I hope you enjoyed the showcase and knowing a little more about dat-baka, you can find him on Facebook and DA!

See you next month!

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