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The Week In Space [Part 3]
The moustached plumber opened his eyes to see his Princess laying next to him, asleep. The couple had slept under the stars that night, something that they can never do back at home due to Bowser being able to freely make a move in their sleep.
"She's so beautiful", he thought to himself, as he put his arm around the girl and kissed her, before getting up to speak to Lubba.
"Good morning Mario, what can I do for you today?"
"Morning Lubba, would you mind taking us to the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy today?"
"Of course not! Fluffy Bluff it is, Captain!"
Ever since Mario told Peach where they were going for the day, she was ecstatic. The Princess was really excited to try out one of the galaxy's special cloud flowers that Mario had been telling her about. He had given her a bouquet of them before, but a Yoshi decided that the selection of fluffy white flowers would make for a great snack.
Upon arriving in the galaxy, the Princess grabbed the plumber's
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Rabbid Mayro by Koretato Rabbid Mayro :iconkoretato:Koretato 1 2
The Week In Space [Part 2]
The couple's relaxing time amongst the stars begun with something that the red capped plumber loved dearly. Pasta.
The pair enjoyed some delicious tortellini, before picking some of the best flowers from the moustache of the giant starship.
As sunset approached, the Princess and the plumber were sat down in the flower garden. With her head on his shoulder, the girl thanked him.
"Thank you? For what Peach?" He asked.
"For planning this trip for us together, Mario." She continued. "I've been really worried lately, with Bowser having not try to cause an attack on the kingdom or kidnap me for months, knowing that he could strike at any moment. It just really scares me knowing that Mario, it really does".
The Princess was beginning to cry as she spoke. Mario put his arm around her.
"Don't worry, Peach. You'll be okay, when Bowser does strike, I will be here by your side protecting you, keeping you safe" He assured her, while running his chubby fin
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Battle Of The Pink by Koretato Battle Of The Pink :iconkoretato:Koretato 0 0
The Week In Space [Part 1]
The princess was confused. Mario had just called her to ask her to come down to Toad Town, as he had a surprise for her.
"Toad Town? At this time?" She asked her red clothed lover.
"Yes Peach, I have an amazing surprise for you!"
Confused, she let Toadsworth know that she was leaving the castle, as to stop him from worrying about her.
"Master Mario? Wanting to see you at this time? Very mysterious!" The elderly Toad exclaimed.
Toadsworth knew exactly what the Princess' surprise was, as Mario wanted to get the all clear from him before setting off to get it ready. Peach has always loved surprises, so he really didn't want to spoil it for her.
As the Mushroom Princess walked down the path to Toad Town, she began to wonder what Mario's amazing surprise could be.
"Maybe he just wants to take me out for dinner or something?" She thought to herself.
Peach looked at her phone to see a message from the man in red, asking is she's nearly there, as he
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United Kingdom
My name is Korey, i'm 17, from the UK and absolutely love the Super Mario series! I also have a very small obsession for MarioxPeach, leave me alone, okay
Random idea, completely out of the blue, but I really feel like trying to write something about Super Paper Mario (of all games, I know, but I love it!)

My Literature skills aren't that good, however, but I feel like I could get better with time :)

Also, I hope I'm using this journal correctly, I'm still really new to the site and all :p


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