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August 21, 2011
Elele Mag. by ~KORELYAN. This piece is wonderful and so usual; the background is so captivating, it's easy to miss the figure sprawled in sunlight. This photograph wouldn't look out of place in an editorial of a high fashion magazine, it combines the untouchable eliteness of fashion with sleek style of the world it inhabits.
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Elele Mag.

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Guymer's avatar
Fantastic shot!
Great viewpoint and perspective.
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work. Congratulations on the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
ReygarFaust's avatar
Beautiful work! I love your works!
artedelle's avatar
RemiroQuai's avatar
This, to me, actually brings back some very fond memories. It is nearly exactly the same feeling I had back then...
All in all ofc a very nice shot.
MadEyeArcher's avatar
as you pan out(scroll up) through the image it almost looks like a wheatfield in the hazy distance a giant field of urban life
DehCheezburgah's avatar
ahdhan's avatar
OMG! what are you doing? hahaha
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artszy's avatar
omg.So many houses.Beautiful contrast.Lovely picture.
DRunkCoWBoy69's avatar
Stunning. A really jaw dropping photo that just left me in awe. Great job =D
black-cadillac's avatar
this is such a cool concept <3
GreysonFurrington's avatar
For a DD, and from a professional photographer, I half kinda expected a HD photo. This really lacks clarity. Even the size of the photo is so small that you really need to struggle to experience depth.

But if that's not in the eye of the admin, I suppose it's okay.
SethSoraFett555's avatar
This picture seems slightly mournful and sad to me, this giant skyscraper all along amoungst a sea of small little buildings.
aoimery's avatar
Amazing work.
Where is this great city?
just-a-user's avatar
muhteşem foto Tolga!
D1nges's avatar
I feel like taking a leap of faith or something :D
Amethyst98's avatar
Deviant Art needs a thumbs up button asap.
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