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I got hit hard last week by a nasty head cold. The kind that at the worst part of it you nearly pass out trying to walk to the fridge because of sudden weakness. So Valentine's Day was a write-off this year (even though we normally don't do much at all over it).  I've got 9 days of house cleaning to catch up on now and putting the finishing touches on the 4 quaggans I had to hide (along with my materials) so I wouldn't get germs on them. 2 were at 95% done and 2 were at 75% done so at least now that I am healthy I can get those out asap.  I think my body is laughing at me, saying "Silly Koreena, you are not allowed to meet due dates".  Now I am crossing my fingers that I do not get sick again for at least several months.   If you emailed me and didnt get a reply I am going to try to get to those today or tomorrow.

The no caffeine thing seems to be working for me so far. Outside of having the cold, my mind has been felt cleared and I have had more energy.   It is disappointing sometimes seeing so much chocolate and having it all on my personal ban list, but I am sure it is for the best anyhow. Now I just need to start my daily DDR and Just Dance and I will be doing pretty well on that resolution this year.

I am restarting my baby quaggan backpack pattern.  I couldn't adjust the old pattern to fix what I wanted so it is time to try from the beginning again.

Edit: I guess my sinuses decided I haven't been through enough.  Lingering problems are causing me mild nausea and vertigo still.
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Submitted on
February 20, 2013