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I realized that 2016 is already halfway done now. Eeeps. 

My goal for one craft a day has been going a little iffy but I have not forgotten about it. Count wise I might be behind but I think I will be able to catch up still for averaging things. I am happy I was able to get a bunch of circuit board jewelry done and I have been working on remaking some previous jewelry pieces to take to craft shows this fall. My plushie making has slowed down and currently no commissions means I am able to finish off personal projects that were sidelined or even start a few more. Hancocks Fabrics is closing and I bought a whole bunch for projects I had in mind. Seriously, like 4 shopping carts. (60-80% around anniversary time means I got a lot of fabric for my hobby. :-) I love my husband.)  I am putting the finishing touches on two skull goblets this week, one of the projects that was sidelined due to other priorities. 

Last year I built myself a large raised garden in the back yard.  So far this year my ability to grow things is better than last years, but sadly our area is in a moderate drought and I cant afford to water it as long as needed to grow really well. But I did still get some delicious veggies so it wasn't a waste and i did learn a bit from it. :-) Next year should be better.

For the last two months I have been working on improving my health and just generally taking better care of myself.  I feel much better after taking a good look at my eating habits and making healthy changes and after starting a moderate exercise routine.  I didn't have the motivation or desire to really implement these changes before but I am really glad I have been able to now. Embracing technology a little more has helped keep me on track. I'm not great at tasks and motivations but small improvements are better than being a slug. :-) 

I am a quarter done my to-do list for the summer, guess I better get back at it. :-) 
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