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Isn't it amazing when you find the answer to a problem was so simple that you never even thought of it? Due to certain events I have gone off the bipolar medication (second attempt started having very unwanted side effects as well).  So once again I was doing research for other ways of dealing with it when I came across something interesting:  caffeine allergy can mimic the symptoms of bipolar.   I still have to see my general practitioner and get an allergy test done but I decided to cut out as many (if not all) sources of caffeine in my diet in the meantime.  I definitely experienced signed of withdrawal last week but that is starting to fade away now.  I have a feeling if my memory was better that the stretches I tended to have no coffee would match with the almost-but-not-quite-flu symptoms I kept getting and that my mental issues might correlate with my caffeine consumption as well. Once I am a few months caffeine free I will know for sure but this really seems like it might actually be the solution and all those delicious foods and drinks might have been what caused me so much misery.

I have managed to get some progress done, 2 quaggans left on their journeys today and I have 5 more nearing completion.  One had to be completely restarted because cuddle fabric is very unforgiving to mistakes made at 1 am.   I also believe I have finally found the solution to my backpack problem!   Tomorrow I am picking up the last items needed to try that project out again and if this works then there will be great rejoicing!  

I am also moving away from my Etsy shop to my Storenvy shop now.  Details for commissions can now be found at my website (commission queue is still closed for now as I catch up.  The list is on there too so you can see how much I have to go.)   I have a few slightly failed large quaggans (they ended up being a little too athletic in the rump and not the plump butterballs they should be.  I am going to make myself a plaque that reads "If it is after 10pm NO MORE CRAFTING!") but I am going to see if I can turn them into narwhals or something.
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Submitted on
February 7, 2013