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Hello all!  I am working on revising my FAQ but in the mean time I hope this can help answer a few questions.

No, I do not give out or sell my patterns.  My plushies are my art work and they are finished products only.

Yes, I would probably like to make you one IF I have the time and depending on how many requests are ahead of you.  My commission list is view-able at…  .  I am trying to keep people up to date on when it opens and closes through Facebook at…

Yes, I do still make plushies,  I am just really slow because things keep popping up.  (recent example: Husband and I got what is likely food poisoning over the weekend. Yay.)

Yes, I will ship international BUT I am not responsible for anything that happens to it once it is in the post office's clutches.  International shipping can take a long time unless you pay the king's ransom price for Express Shipping.  Priority Mail still can take side trips into the Bermuda Triangle even though it is supposed to be faster than Standard.

No, I can not make a plush for you and have it shipped to arrive in 2 weeks time.  2 months, maybe.  Expect at least a month or two depending on your position on the commission list + shipping times from the USA to wherever you are (do not forget about customs, packages sometimes can sit for a while).

I do not work for less than minimum wage in the USA.   I have to pay retail prices (plus taxes and shipping costs sometimes) for all my materials.  The prices for my plushies will not be as low as those found in Wal-Mart.   By requesting a commission by me you are requesting MY ARTWORK.  These are not mass produced from a factory and do not get price breaks.  Making a plush can take hours per piece: it involves cutting, any special prepping (spots on quaggans need extra prep work due to the fabric used), sewing, stuffing, adjustments, finishing work.  Sometimes things go awry and I need to restart.   I rarely can work straight through a piece from beginning to end, usually I get interrupted and it ends up being 3 hours over 5 days.  Sometimes the stars align and I have several projects at the same stage and I can blast through them for a bit.  It is all stop and go.

I really do not mean to sound grumpy but I do want to explain things on my end.  My art is my hobby, it comes after my family obligations: the cooking, the cleaning, the paperwork...  pretty much everything that goes along with having 2 kids and a husband.  I get run down pretty easily and this year just has not been the best health-wise.  

I am very thankful for the wonderful patient people who can understand all this and still are willing to wait to get a cuddly piece of art from me.  It is an absolutely amazing pick-me-up to hear when you like my work so much you want me to make you one!  I will do my best to get to all requests but please understand I just am not one of those super-humans that seem to be able to do everything at once though I really truely wish I was.  All I can do is keep trying. :)  

And on a totally off side note:  All our fish died.  Not really sure exactly what caused it but it was quick.  We are trying to decide whether to start all over again or just give up.
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Submitted on
March 19, 2013