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It is time to make a little room in my crafting space so until March 01, 2017 all pre-made items in my Etsy shop are 15% off ($10 minimum purchase.)  It is a great time to get a cuddly quaggan or catch yourself a Pokemon pendant.…
Jessica: If you sent me a commission request through my webpage for a pudding plushie the email address you submitted has bounced back after several days. Please message me through dA or through Etsy. Thanks! 
I realized that 2016 is already halfway done now. Eeeps. 

My goal for one craft a day has been going a little iffy but I have not forgotten about it. Count wise I might be behind but I think I will be able to catch up still for averaging things. I am happy I was able to get a bunch of circuit board jewelry done and I have been working on remaking some previous jewelry pieces to take to craft shows this fall. My plushie making has slowed down and currently no commissions means I am able to finish off personal projects that were sidelined or even start a few more. Hancocks Fabrics is closing and I bought a whole bunch for projects I had in mind. Seriously, like 4 shopping carts. (60-80% around anniversary time means I got a lot of fabric for my hobby. :-) I love my husband.)  I am putting the finishing touches on two skull goblets this week, one of the projects that was sidelined due to other priorities. 

Last year I built myself a large raised garden in the back yard.  So far this year my ability to grow things is better than last years, but sadly our area is in a moderate drought and I cant afford to water it as long as needed to grow really well. But I did still get some delicious veggies so it wasn't a waste and i did learn a bit from it. :-) Next year should be better.

For the last two months I have been working on improving my health and just generally taking better care of myself.  I feel much better after taking a good look at my eating habits and making healthy changes and after starting a moderate exercise routine.  I didn't have the motivation or desire to really implement these changes before but I am really glad I have been able to now. Embracing technology a little more has helped keep me on track. I'm not great at tasks and motivations but small improvements are better than being a slug. :-) 

I am a quarter done my to-do list for the summer, guess I better get back at it. :-) 
Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions is to make at least one craft per day.  At the end of the year I may have hundreds of earrings or a room full of plushies but I will have things done. 

Things I will be making this year:
* circuit board jewelry
* dragon figurines
* plush dragons
* skull goblets
* new beaded jewelry

and more, of course.  Last summer I added a Cricut Explore to my crafting supplies and I have gotten to tinker with that a bit.  I have some good ideas of things I want to try with it.    I have a few more new tools being added to my crafting arsenal later this year so I am looking forward to bringing a bunch of new ideas to life. :-) 

Commissions are open on a limited basis.…
Edit: Commission list closed again for now.

My FAQ can be found at

The commission list form can be found at…

I did not expect moving to take up so much time or interrupt my schedule as much as it did at the beginning of this year. Things are organized and back to running fairly smoothly again *knock on wood*. 
Hello all!  I am working on revising my FAQ but in the mean time I hope this can help answer a few questions.

No, I do not give out or sell my patterns.  My plushies are my art work and they are finished products only.

Yes, I would probably like to make you one IF I have the time and depending on how many requests are ahead of you.  My commission list is view-able at…  .  I am trying to keep people up to date on when it opens and closes through Facebook at…

Yes, I do still make plushies,  I am just really slow because things keep popping up.  (recent example: Husband and I got what is likely food poisoning over the weekend. Yay.)

Yes, I will ship international BUT I am not responsible for anything that happens to it once it is in the post office's clutches.  International shipping can take a long time unless you pay the king's ransom price for Express Shipping.  Priority Mail still can take side trips into the Bermuda Triangle even though it is supposed to be faster than Standard.

No, I can not make a plush for you and have it shipped to arrive in 2 weeks time.  2 months, maybe.  Expect at least a month or two depending on your position on the commission list + shipping times from the USA to wherever you are (do not forget about customs, packages sometimes can sit for a while).

I do not work for less than minimum wage in the USA.   I have to pay retail prices (plus taxes and shipping costs sometimes) for all my materials.  The prices for my plushies will not be as low as those found in Wal-Mart.   By requesting a commission by me you are requesting MY ARTWORK.  These are not mass produced from a factory and do not get price breaks.  Making a plush can take hours per piece: it involves cutting, any special prepping (spots on quaggans need extra prep work due to the fabric used), sewing, stuffing, adjustments, finishing work.  Sometimes things go awry and I need to restart.   I rarely can work straight through a piece from beginning to end, usually I get interrupted and it ends up being 3 hours over 5 days.  Sometimes the stars align and I have several projects at the same stage and I can blast through them for a bit.  It is all stop and go.

I really do not mean to sound grumpy but I do want to explain things on my end.  My art is my hobby, it comes after my family obligations: the cooking, the cleaning, the paperwork...  pretty much everything that goes along with having 2 kids and a husband.  I get run down pretty easily and this year just has not been the best health-wise.  

I am very thankful for the wonderful patient people who can understand all this and still are willing to wait to get a cuddly piece of art from me.  It is an absolutely amazing pick-me-up to hear when you like my work so much you want me to make you one!  I will do my best to get to all requests but please understand I just am not one of those super-humans that seem to be able to do everything at once though I really truely wish I was.  All I can do is keep trying. :)  

And on a totally off side note:  All our fish died.  Not really sure exactly what caused it but it was quick.  We are trying to decide whether to start all over again or just give up.
I got hit hard last week by a nasty head cold. The kind that at the worst part of it you nearly pass out trying to walk to the fridge because of sudden weakness. So Valentine's Day was a write-off this year (even though we normally don't do much at all over it).  I've got 9 days of house cleaning to catch up on now and putting the finishing touches on the 4 quaggans I had to hide (along with my materials) so I wouldn't get germs on them. 2 were at 95% done and 2 were at 75% done so at least now that I am healthy I can get those out asap.  I think my body is laughing at me, saying "Silly Koreena, you are not allowed to meet due dates".  Now I am crossing my fingers that I do not get sick again for at least several months.   If you emailed me and didnt get a reply I am going to try to get to those today or tomorrow.

The no caffeine thing seems to be working for me so far. Outside of having the cold, my mind has been felt cleared and I have had more energy.   It is disappointing sometimes seeing so much chocolate and having it all on my personal ban list, but I am sure it is for the best anyhow. Now I just need to start my daily DDR and Just Dance and I will be doing pretty well on that resolution this year.

I am restarting my baby quaggan backpack pattern.  I couldn't adjust the old pattern to fix what I wanted so it is time to try from the beginning again.

Edit: I guess my sinuses decided I haven't been through enough.  Lingering problems are causing me mild nausea and vertigo still.
Isn't it amazing when you find the answer to a problem was so simple that you never even thought of it? Due to certain events I have gone off the bipolar medication (second attempt started having very unwanted side effects as well).  So once again I was doing research for other ways of dealing with it when I came across something interesting:  caffeine allergy can mimic the symptoms of bipolar.   I still have to see my general practitioner and get an allergy test done but I decided to cut out as many (if not all) sources of caffeine in my diet in the meantime.  I definitely experienced signed of withdrawal last week but that is starting to fade away now.  I have a feeling if my memory was better that the stretches I tended to have no coffee would match with the almost-but-not-quite-flu symptoms I kept getting and that my mental issues might correlate with my caffeine consumption as well. Once I am a few months caffeine free I will know for sure but this really seems like it might actually be the solution and all those delicious foods and drinks might have been what caused me so much misery.

I have managed to get some progress done, 2 quaggans left on their journeys today and I have 5 more nearing completion.  One had to be completely restarted because cuddle fabric is very unforgiving to mistakes made at 1 am.   I also believe I have finally found the solution to my backpack problem!   Tomorrow I am picking up the last items needed to try that project out again and if this works then there will be great rejoicing!  

I am also moving away from my Etsy shop to my Storenvy shop now.  Details for commissions can now be found at my website (commission queue is still closed for now as I catch up.  The list is on there too so you can see how much I have to go.)   I have a few slightly failed large quaggans (they ended up being a little too athletic in the rump and not the plump butterballs they should be.  I am going to make myself a plaque that reads "If it is after 10pm NO MORE CRAFTING!") but I am going to see if I can turn them into narwhals or something.
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It is a new year already and I am not sure what really happened with the last two months. They kind of just sped right past me.  My resolution is the same as always: to get more done and to actually exercise and get healthier.   I want to be productive and not to make excuses for when I fail that but I also want to explain why things are not occurring on the timelines I promised before.  Thus:

1) The cold/virus/whatever that never wants to go away returned yet again.    I am really hoping we are done with the sicknesses, my kids are both past the limit according to school rules.   While I didn't get as sick as everyone else (just fevers and other mild afflictions) I was tired from fighting it and looking after them.

2) Over the last few months I began treatment for bipolar II. I have spent the last 8 years trying to ignore and just deal with it but since we finally have health insurance again I reached out for medical help.  If you know someone that is dealing with this then you know it is not easy to look for and accept outside help.  Finding a working medication is also not as easy as it seems and the side effects of the first try were not pleasant.  (Aaaad my doctor decided to no longer accept my health insurance company.  I have to find a new doctor now.)

This week I am pulling myself up by my proverbial bootstraps and back on my mission to prove to myself I am useful and important in my own way.  I have set myself a small list of things that I need to and will get done. I apologize to any quaggan requesters who have been waiting quite patiently; I have not forgotten you!   I will work on your requests but my scheduling is just not following what I had planned before.  I hate getting blown off by people and I am not meaning to do that to anyone but my slowness to do things and respond to messages even some days probably appear that way.

I am planning on moving from Etsy to Storenvy.   If anyone else has made that switch could you let me know how that worked out for you?
The fees on Etsy are draining me, especially on my jewelry when I have gone inactive and need to relist things.  Storenvy will let me have my creations available and not worry about that. It is taking a little while to set up my new shop and they do not want you to do pre-order items so I can only list things that are ready to ship.  Etsy is the go-to place for handcrafted and unique things though...

(Edit:  When I was working on my shop I noticed there is now a pre-order option.  Yay!)

I would like some suggestions on how to handle plushie requests.   Would more people prefer I  A) keep a commission request list and slowly go through it  (could end up being months before your request is done, eek, but it will eventually get done) or B) change to a "Make Plushie - List Plushie on Storenvy -  Announce on my Facebook page there is [] available" method of handling requests and have it as a first come first grabbed?  I see positives and negatives to both.    I really love making these and spreading the quaggan love but sometimes my time is at a real premium and I don't get to all the requests in what I feel is a timely manner.    My husband also says I am too hard on myself and if people want them they will wait.     Suggestions/ideas/comments?

Also, I DO have plans to try and make a plush griffon. :)  It will get done, eventually.
SQUEEE!!!!!!  My quaggan tank received 1st Prize (so basically second place) in Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest…  Finding out today made an awesome birthday present. :)

I am overwhelmed with how many people love the quaggan plushies that I have made!   I am doing my best to get more done as soon as I can but this is my hobby so there is a limit to how many hours I can dedicate to it.  But I love making them and it is a great stress reliever and creative outlet for me so I WILL be doing more. There is a quaggan commission I have been working hard on for the last month which is finally nearing completion. It is based off one of the quaggans in game and I will say right now I will NOT do another one of these.  It looks awesome but I restarted the outfit twice to get the right look and since I could not find pre-made beads suitable for it I have made all the beads by hand from polymer clay.  Making hundreds of beads by hand is a very time consumptive process. If I didn't have my rock tumbler I would probably be mad from trying to sand out the fingerprints but tumblers can not be rushed and I am waiting for the last batch to finish today.  Almost done.  Staring at the tumbler doesn't make it work faster.

October saw my house get hit with colds twice so that put me behind in my plans.  My poor little quaggan was so sick on Halloween he didnt get to go trick or treating.   We are all better now though and I hope there will not be any more colds this season.    I also have a side project I need to start soon:  refinishing two dressers I bought for my kids.  The small dressers they had were great when they were toddlers but now they are older and have more clothes than I do they need bigger dressers.  I picked up two wonderful old dressers for $40 at a garage sale that just need a little refinishing.  I think I will need to get a heater for my garage though to do the work, the temperature dropped pretty quickly last month.

Back to crafting and bouncing up and down about winning.  (For those counting, this is the 9th GW art contest I have won/placed/honorable mentioned in)
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I am up to my eyeballs in quaggans!  Hehe. That is an observation, not a complaint. ;) Good thing I have an air purifier because the fabric fibers really fly all over the place. I am really glad that so many people love the plushies I have made and I am doing my best to get more out there for adoption.  I will have to limit how many commissions I do in October because my kids want their Halloween costumes and if there is a Guild Wars 2 Halloween art contest I really want to put in a good effort for that. My large quaggan pattern is getting a few small tweaks this week to make it even better because I am just so picky like that.

On Monday I went to the restaurant my inlaws used to own to visit the new owner and discovered that the custom dragon I made for her was missing! It seems during the last week someone stole it right out of the display cabinet!  How disappointing. She told me last week there was someone who wanted her to 'give them a deal on one' (I only charge $20 a dragon. For custom creations that is cheap already!) She told them that she doesn't take the custom orders so they would have to contact me and that the price is the price. They apparently were not too happy with that.  I really hope the two events are not related.

We got to go to our first Dragon*Con at the beginning of September. It was really fun and I hope we can go again next year. I only got to go for the first two days because our childcare plans fell through.  My husband and I wore our brain slugs and it was so funny to hear people go "Look! Brainslugs!".  I swear I hear someone walking in the parade even do that. :)  Quite a few people asked where we got them and were surprised that I made them.  We sold some on the spot and handed out a bunch of business cards. It makes me so happy when people like my work.  On day 1 I wore my quaggan backpack (someone even asked me to verify that they were right about it being a quaggan) and day 2 I took one of the plushies and used it as a wallet holder. It caused a lot of grins by vendors when they saw it eat my wallet again. :D  I met Elizabeth Malczynski Littman, the artist who drew the wonderful covers on the first paperback editions of the Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey.   (Her daughter took a picture of my quaggan, whee!) The next day my husband went back for me and got her to autograph my copies of Dragonsong and Dragonsinger. :)   I also met Pete Abrams, the artist who does Sluggy Freelance. Totally forgot to get his autograph.  >.<   I had more fun in the artists area than in the Walk of Fame.   I thought about wearing my Lunatic Court outfit but decided against it because 1) I have no confidence and 2) walking around with that bustle would not be my idea of fun.  Plus I would need better boots for it, the covers I made were ok for the pictures but not good for walking around a lot in.

I have managed to do a better job of getting crafting work done but my exercise time has gotten turned into house cleaning time.  And of course I need my Guild Wars 2 time. ;)  So many ideas, so many projects..... need more coffee!!
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I have had a lot of false starts on the crafting front this year.  I was optimistic that I could better schedule my time and do everything I wanted to but it didn't always quite work out that way.  I am improving at a snails pace but I am still not getting the volume of work done that I was hoping for. So the plan is now tonight I am going to try making myself a schedule like my kids use at school because it is obvious to me I need the structure just as much as they do. It is better to get at least half a job done each day and have it add up than just keep putting it off until I have enough time to get it all done at once, correct?   

Brain slugs.  My husband and I finally got around to watching the first 5 seasons of Futurama and I loved the brain slugs.  So I made a whole pile of them.  We will be wearing some at Dragon*Con and they are also listed in my Etsy shop.   

Guild Wars 2 is right around the corner!! I am so excited!! I have worked most of the kinks out of my large quaggan pattern (even adapting it to a backpack) and am planning to make more of them.  I had a limited amount of grey scaled minky/velboa fabric but that is almost gone and I haven't been able to track down more. So  I am going to take liberties with the coloring and texture of them from now on and just make cute quaggan type creatures. :D  When I make something based on a game or show etc I am a stickler for accuracy but there is just going to have to be creative leeway if I want to make more of these.   Nom, the prototype for the latest pattern has already sold and is going to a wonderful new home.  In fact I teared up in joy when I read the message the buyer sent. I was THAT happy.

Oh my poor poor dragons have been so neglected. I keep putting off doing the batches of eyes and nails (they both need to be precooked before I can make dragons)  so that stalled any work on them.  Going to add that to my schedule.

There are a few other plush plans and jewelry in the works.  I have about a dozen jewelry pieces done that I haven't gotten the pictures taken for which will be rectified soon.

I AM going to start holding myself to a higher standard of getting stuff done and not browsing 9gag etc.  Crafting WILL be getting done but just know it is competing with looking after a 6 and 8 year old (gah, school started.  Over 1 hour of homework tonight to supervise and help with) and all the assorted fun life things (chores, recovering from root canal, etc.)

Interested in commissioning me for some plushies?  Info can be found…;


Want to help me?  What do YOU think the value of my plushies and such are?  Currently I price things as materials + around minimum wage for time spent + some overhead costs.   I have been looking at other crafters and see that they are selling their works for quite more than I do but I am worried no one would think that my efforts are worth that much.  I would love some suggestions so I can be more confident in asking for certain prices.
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I can't believe the year is half over already.   Things haven't quite gotten back to the way they were before both my dad and my father in law passed away but change happens and things have forced me to adapt.

I've barely been playing Guild Wars but I have gotten to play in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend and I am looking forward to when it goes live. I am working on a new quaggan which is ALMOST done. All that is left is to finish the beading on its little decorative armor (sewing on seed beads is so boring).   

I started playing Dance Dance Revolution again in the hopes of getting in better shape. My goal is to drop 15 lbs before Dragon*Con this fall.  I haven't lost any weight yet but I can play for over half an hour without thinking I am going to die any more. :)

I have been doing a bunch of home improvements which has sucked up a large portion of my time.  Once I fix the flooring in the living room I want to repaint and then I want to redo my bedroom.  8 years in this house and I still haven't gotten around to painting that room. It will change this summer!

I have started making dragons again (oh boy did I ever buy a lot of polymer clay this spring so there will be TONS of dragons getting made as I get myself motivated).   I also bought a bunch of beads and have been practicing making polymer clay beads.

My kids start summer vacation in 3 days so I am trying to scrape together a plan for the next two months.

Oh and I learned how easy it is to cook mini tapioca balls so I have been drinking tons of pearl milk tea and iced coffee with bubbles.  I dont think that is helping me lose weight but it is sooo delicious.

TLDR; I havent dropped off the planet but I am horrible at managing my time so too many projects started and not enough finished yet. Im working on it. ;)
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This year one of my resolutions is to get more active with my crafting and see if I can turn it into a small business.  By mid January I will have a lot of time opening up (finally!) so all those ideas bouncing in my head can finally get out and take physical shape.  Plus my Christmas gift was a bunch of money to spend at Joanns and Michaels so I have a lot of materials to work from now. :-)

I am quite happy with how my quaggan plush turned out but I still haven't found the perfect fabric for it yet.

I have a new idea for cute polymer clay earrings.  Hopefully I can get the first test version completed by Monday.  

Plush dragons will come to fruition before Valentines Day!

Here is to this year being much better than the last! And Merry Christmas to those on the Julian calendar!

Edit:  Blah.  Crafting time was sorely lacking and I never got those two items done.
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It is starting to get cold out, brrr. Good thing my kitchen is fully stocked with coffee, hot chocolate, and at least 10 different types of tea. :-)

I got an honorable mention in the GW Halloween Art Contest. I am happy to have snuck in there since I didnt have as much time for my entry as I usually do.  Looking at my entry I can see a bunch of things I could have tweaked that probably would have boosted my score but I am ok with it this year.  Sadly (or is it really good in a way) I am not sure if I will be able to wear it to Dragon*Con like I planned because my attempt to lose weight seems to be kind of working and the top doesnt really fit right anymore. This was the most expensive GW entry I have made to date and the way I made the top I cant really size it down without having to rip half of it apart and rebuild it.

Things have started to settle down around my house now so I have actually had time to sit down and start doing more crafts. The family restaurant will be sold within the next month so I will be back to being a SAHM soon. This upcoming year I want to see if I can actually make a go of having a home craft business that makes me more than $20 a month.  I also want to try making some plush dragons in December, looking forward to seeing how that actually pans out.

Plan for the next few months:
*Holiday dragons
*Quaggan plush
*Dragon Plushies
*Assorted other plushies
*More jewelry
*GW Wintersday entry
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The leaves are falling and the air is getting cooler (finally!!) and it is time for me to get my crafting on!  Over the next few weeks:

1) Halloween dragons
2) GW Halloween art entry.  This year's plan : Lunatic Court Finery
3) Costumes for my kids. They want to be Ichigo and Can-Can from the Katamari games
4) More assorted little jewelry things

I've gotten item 2 started. First I had to get my husband to help me make a duct tape dress form. :-) That was fun.  I made the bustle frame on Friday and started making the pattern for the bodice part.  Due date is October 13, I think I can do it!
Did I drop off the face of the Earth again? No, wish it was something that good. Two weeks ago my father-in-law passed away in a car accident. (Yes, my dad died 4 months ago and now we have lost my husband's dad.)   I have started helping out at my in-law's restaurant so that has taken a good chunk of my time up. The last two weekends have been spent doing much needed painting and extra cleaning there too. Our schedule at home has been tossed around and I haven't been able to match time available and energy available to getting much crafting done. It took two weeks to even get our normal grocery shopping completed. >.<   I did manage to make my own uniform coat this week though (it's a Japanese hibachi restaurant, I am doing hostess and cleaning duties).   So yeah,  crafting stuff is going to be a bit slower getting finished than what I had planned before.
After 3 long months up in GP and an annoying return flight (I will never again fly through Toronto) I am finally home.  My crafting time was really limited but I constructed the casket spray from my father's funeral and three polymer clay dragons (2 for my mom, 1 business card holding dragon for a local electrician).  Sadly my camera went missing on Canada Day but at least I had a fair portion of the pictures from the first two months on my sister's computer. When my mom gets back from work next week I'll see if she can send me a pic of her two dragons (I really liked the sparkly blue one).  Somewhere in my luggage is the pics of the spray so that will get posted eventually as well.

While I was gone I missed the GW2 video contest.  Had such a fun idea but all my stuff was 2600 miles away. :-(  Once my kids start school next week I will have a lot of crafting time open again though so I am looking forward to that. On the list is a plush Quaggan, testing out some GW signets, and a whole pile of new dragons.  Of course this has to wait until my house is cleaned up again. >.<

Yay for being home!
My father passed away on Monday, so I will be taking an extended break from posting any crafting creations while I grieve.  Thank you in advance to everyone for their blessings & support in this difficult time.
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, now its time to go shopping cause I just turned 30!

Yep, went on a bit of a bead bracelet kick this morning/last night.  :D I have a few more projects in the works, hopefully done by the end of the week.

And I am still happy that I got 2nd in the GW Halloween Art Contest costume division and Halloween Artist Extraordinaire in the GWG Workshop thread. :boogie: