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Fuzzy blue quaggan hat

By Koreena
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...and here is the second GW2 fuzzy hat. Modeled by my adorable son. :)
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I would totally wear this on a casual-clothes con day. or just you know, to enhance my gw2 cosplay. <3
so cute
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Hello! I would like to buy a hat like this. But the quaggan pink.  you make order and send to Brazil?
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You are so talented and amazing!
I would absolutely love to purchase one of these and a plush x3
I hope you are able to take commissions soon!!
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Thank you! I'm hoping to be caught up after Christmas and taking more commissions then.  The last couple months zipped by so fast due to home stuff >.<  
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Hopefully I'll be able to get a request in by then ^-^
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*Shoves money at you* I need one in blue for my sister!!!! 
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Hehe. My commission list is at koreena.kirins.net/contact.htm… but it is getting pretty full. ;-)
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Most adorable hat ever, the second these are available for commission I'd soooooo want one <3
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quaggans are the best! QUAGGAN LIKES YOU! :)) and yes, your daughter is sooo adorable!
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D'awww! The fuzzy hat and your son are super cute!! :D
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These are so cute! I've been tempted to try to knit one, myself!
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Can you also make those in other colors.. then I might want one to match the one of my necro (red body/black furr/white dots XD)
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I can do any of the colors for the spots or main color that I've got in stock (listed here [link] but sadly I have only been able to get the sherpa fluffy part in (slightly off) white.
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Too bad! If you do find that in a black let me know.. 'cause then I'll commission you a hat for in the winter :D
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Bwahaha! I found a site with different color sherpa fabrics! I ordered a sample and if it is the kind I need then I will be a very happy quaggan indeed. Now the waiting game....
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and by the way someone posted your hats on Reddit ;) [link]
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I'll wait with you :D
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Squee!! The fabric sample came in and it is perfect. This company has 11 different colours of sherpa so yay! :)
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Awesome!! How much do you think you will charge to make one? I would LOVE it for the winter :D
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Likely around 40 USD. Still trying to figure out how much time they take to make without all the interruptions. (Am I starting to count down until kids are back in school? Yes, yes I am.)
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