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About me.... I live in the :flagus: with my husband and two children. I'm originally from :flagcanada: . I like to play Guild Wars 2 and am very fond of the quaggans in it. I like reading a lot and can lose hours doing so. I am no where near as good as my mom and sister are at drawing and painting (my hands shake, which surprisingly did NOT make it easier to play viola and get the vibrato right) so I would rather make physical objects or edit pictures. I like making things but run low on space and money quite easily..

:heart: :heart: I greatly appreciate all the favorites and the comments!! :heart: :heart: Forgive me for being poor at social graces and not responding to every one.

Do you see an item I have made that you really really like and want? Feel free to make me an offer on it. Most of my pieces I will happily reproduce or even sell the original of.

Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, CSI, True Blood, Twin Peaks
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Econoline Crush, Queen, Stabbing Westward, Voltaire
Favourite Books
Ender's series, Pern series, Incarnations of Immortality series, Vlad Taltos series
Favourite Games
Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2
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Other Interests
reading, sewing plushies, other assorted crafty stuff
For anyone that was following my account I am still alive and I have still been crafting. I am just really horrible at posting on social media and got a little burnt out. Think I am ready to give it a try again but no promises. ;-)
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I realized that 2016 is already halfway done now. Eeeps. My goal for one craft a day has been going a little iffy but I have not forgotten about it. Count wise I might be behind but I think I will be able to catch up still for averaging things. I am happy I was able to get a bunch of circuit board jewelry done and I have been working on remaking some previous jewelry pieces to take to craft shows this fall. My plushie making has slowed down and currently no commissions means I am able to finish off personal projects that were sidelined or even start a few more. Hancocks Fabrics is closing and I bought a whole bunch for projects I had in mind
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Happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to make at least one craft per day.  At the end of the year I may have hundreds of earrings or a room full of plushies but I will have things done. Things I will be making this year: * my TARDIS * circuit board jewelry * dragon figurines * plush dragons * skull goblets * new beaded jewelry and more, of course.  Last summer I added a Cricut Explore to my crafting supplies and I have gotten to tinker with that a bit.  I have some good ideas of things I want to try with it.    I have a few more new tools being added to my crafting arsenal later this year so I am looking forward to bringing a bunc
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happy birthday!
Thanks for the Fave!
Thanks for +faving my dragon sculptures! There are many more handmade dragon figurines in my gallery, if you'd like to take a look. :) (Smile)
I heard that a GW2 player named Ravid aka ROovid the Quaggan from Tarnished Coast once found your page and left a comment because he thought it was totally CoOOOo.