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August 14, 2008
Palm Centro Magazine Ad by ~koreansensation is a design so impressive that it was actually featured as an upcoming product advertisement on both Engadget and Gizmodo. Although this was for a marketing class, it seems like Palm should be taking lessons from this deviant!
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Palm Centro Magazine Ad

A fake, full page Palm Centro magazine ad I designed for my marketing class.

EDIT: I never realized that my ad would be featured on Engadget! Just to clear some things up, the Centro *is* a mock-up that was Photoshopped. I am NOT a professional graphics designer and never thought anyone would ever be interested in these. How it got featured on Engadget I'll never know.

Anyway, to clear some details about this "Centro 2", it is SUPPOSED have a QWERTY keyboard that slides out and the screen orientation automatically changes to landscape mode. I just didn't have enough time to put it in to meet my project deadline.

Thank you so much for all your supports! I will be releasing an actual "Centro 2" mock up soon so stay tuned!

For now, enjoy the Centro (RED): [link]
Treo mockup: [link]

EDIT 2: Wow a DD! :dance: Thanks everyone for your amazing support, comments and criticisms!
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Hi there! We loved the image so much we're featuring it on Pixelsmithstudios and made a link back to this page so that you can get more exposure :) Please tell us though if you're okay with that!

Sporkzilla's avatar
Really really awesome job.
lodylood's avatar
very creative :)
oohpink's avatar
Thanks for postong! Looking at this as a kind-of reference for Engish class :)
really creative way to link up the realities of life to the usefulness of the featured product! :)
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Stop picking on Palin!
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Featured here: [link] and in my journal!
JazzyKs's avatar
thank's for share!
joodiespost's avatar
Jo a yo~ I really like the concept behind this. Great eye catching design elements. There are some minor changes that can be made but great design overall.
AlexVonD's avatar
I am making a magazine with a friend and would i to use this!
Kali-s-tomb's avatar
xD this is really explicit and really clear; and yet so creative; good job!
doyke's avatar
ye i remember seeing this awhile ago during my break last year. Nice to see that some student work could just be picked up straight away (there is still hope for me yet :D)
wnighthawk's avatar
I prefer the chaos side :D
cardboardmonet's avatar
Hi! I'm wondering if you have the palm/hand/arm you used in this picture available as stock without the writing? I'm looking for something just like it in a new self project, and have gained a lot of inspiration from this magazine ad you've created.

koreansensation's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! I don't generally log on to dA often... I lost almost all the source images from this project when I lost my USB stick. If you'd like, I can take a picture of my hand!

PS: I'm flattered to hear that I was an inspiration to you!
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No need to waste any of your time taking a picture of your hand. I'll try taking one of my own; I really liked the pose you used. After seeing this I want to try making my own mock ad, I just can't think of anything to create an advertisement for xP

Awesome piece :)
koreansensation's avatar
Well, I had an idea for an iPad recently where a guy has a napkin drawing on the left side and on the right, an iPad with the same drawing but more organized.

And thanks for your comments! =)
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Lol love the chaos side. It that your hand?
koreansensation's avatar
Haha, no. It's my friend's hand. :D
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I love this concept. So great!
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