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For Japan

How much can change in a few moments ...
But even brogen, still keep charakter.

With all of my fascination, I hope for a quick return to everyday life.

P.S. Sorry for previous mistake in spelling.
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Amazing.. We pray for Japan ..
Sympathy from Egypt <3
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feel free to join us @
first workshop: Poster for Japan!
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could i use ur drawing in a video?
Kordelia's avatar
well, I think yes :)
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:dalove: Nice Kordelia !!

Love & Pray :cling:

:worry: :cries: :rose:
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Do you understand what you've drawn????
You've drawn a country symbol broken. If japanese ppl se this they'll be very offended.....
They have to be strong and don't give up and you'r just laughing at them posting this awful image.
You had to think better about there fillings....
Shame on you!
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I hope not.
It happened there, something terrible, a disaster that harmed many people and all country. But I'm sure that soon will rise from this, and their unique character, despite breaking, will survive everything.
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If you sure that they will rise then why you make them down?
If you want to support them, make an art piece that will help them feel stronger
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It's my grief is in this picture. I even don't try to imagine how they feel.
kaminary-san's avatar
then you should try
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Don't assume, and don't call people to shame when making an assumption. It's simply how they viewed it, and obviously, they aren't laughing.
kaminary-san's avatar
if someone will make something like this with your country symbol when your country has bad times what will you feel?

It's nice that ppl feel sad about Japan, I feel it too, but I couldn't make such a thing with the symbol even in a bad dream...
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That's fine, but don't just go around saying how people are 'laughing' while creating a piece that was probably hard for them to make too. It's simply how they view it.
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yea... why my lovly place is so destroyed ;(
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This raises awareness about the struggle millions of people are facing in Japan. Thank you --

Here's hoping that people will see this and consider donating -- and to reputable places, like the Red Cross -- to help those millions of people in a country of a beautiful, timeless, and unique culture and way of life.
Daruqe's avatar
Send money, not prayer.

PS: I know I'm kinda being a jackass about this, but I feel like it needs to be said. =/
Rekrie's avatar
You're not being a jackass, you're saying what needs to be said. Though this artpiece is gorgeous, it's not helping anyone in the disaster zone, unless it's being auctioned off for donation money.
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In a way it could be helping someone over there if they're able to see it on an emotional, or even personal level to know that so many people care so much as to make such beautiful artwork in the honor of those that are suffering because of this disaster. Though in ways of money and food, it might not help, but in the ways of the heart and soul, it could really push those clouds away.
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Wow. This is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Very powerful.
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What will happen to the land of the rising sun....
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I shall pray! Thank you for this!
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