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Ruby Xiao Long by korben600 Ruby Xiao Long by korben600
What happens when Ruby's much closer in style to her big sister? I get something to stress draw for 2 weeks straight. Anyway, I got bored, and I saw 136h13's joke about Ruby getting hand me downs that are don't quite fit, so I figured "Hey, you know what would look awesome, Yang's style with Ruby's color pallete". And I was right! Except that the person who drew it was me, so it doesn't look as good as it could be if someone better drew it. Eh, Ce La Vie...

Now, to your inevitable questions: 
Did you crib the proportions from a RWBY screenshot; like that Cinder drawing? Yes. Not sure from when though, I got a screenshot off the internet but it's somewhere in the Kuroyuri arc.
Is it just me or are you becoming obsessed with Yang's pre-volume 4 fashion style? Possibly? I honestly don't know at this point. I've only drawn like four things, but two of those were Yang-related, so...make of that what ye will. 
The better artist with the better art you linked to says the original fanart was about Enabler, do you ship Enabler? No. This is purely platonic "Ruby's closer to Yang" sort of thing, where Yang is more distant from Ruby when they were kids so she idolizes Yang more. 
You've put way more thought into this than your art suggests, haven't you? Yes. Let's just say that I got bored and I now have a general idea of what Ruby XL's gauntlets transform into now (Batman's scallop fins are gonna hurt when she slashes at you...)
Not that I care, but are you ever actually going to draw those? Probably not. Unless someone asks. You'd be really surprised by what I'd be willing to do just because people ask me. 
Is this whole "Stealing designs from RWBY screenshots and ideas from infinitely better artists" thing going to be a recurring theme? I'd honestly like to deny that, but I kind of already have an idea based off of another RWBY fancomic already, so it's pretty much a yes. 
Have you ever had an original idea in your life? I think we both know I have not. 
I haven't asked any of these questions, I was just tricked into clicking on your art because Deviantart thought I'd like seeing this, so are done with this stupid caption? Yes.

As usual, comments and criticisms are appreciated! I tried some new shading techniques and I tried adding more shadows. If y'all know anything about that, I'd love to hear what I did right and wrong.
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December 28, 2017
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