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Dancing at Prom
This was inspired by a discord RWBY shipping server I'm in, specifically the Art Challenge of the Week channel. I figured I should draw some White Knight (Jaune X Weiss), and here we are! I might spruce it up later (knowing me I'm probably not going to),but in the extremely unlikely event I do I'll probably upload it. (side note: I'm hopefully going to use rwby_white_knight as the tag in the future for this ship for simplicity)

Prompt was - "Belle of the Ball -draw your OTP all snazzed up and ready to dance"

Ruby Xiao Long
What happens when Ruby's much closer in style to her big sister? I get something to stress draw for 2 weeks straight. Anyway, I got bored, and I saw 136h13's joke about Ruby getting hand me downs that are don't quite fit, so I figured "Hey, you know what would look awesome, Yang's style with Ruby's color pallete". And I was right! Except that the person who drew it was me, so it doesn't look as good as it could be if someone better drew it. Eh, Ce La Vie...

Now, to your inevitable questions: 
Did you crib the proportions from a RWBY screenshot; like that Cinder drawing? Yes. Not sure from when though, I got a screenshot off the internet but it's somewhere in the Kuroyuri arc.
Is it just me or are you becoming obsessed with Yang's pre-volume 4 fashion style? Possibly? I honestly don't know at this point. I've only drawn like four things, but two of those were Yang-related, so...make of that what ye will. 
The better artist with the better art you linked to says the original fanart was about Enabler, do you ship Enabler? No. This is purely platonic "Ruby's closer to Yang" sort of thing, where Yang is more distant from Ruby when they were kids so she idolizes Yang more. 
You've put way more thought into this than your art suggests, haven't you? Yes. Let's just say that I got bored and I now have a general idea of what Ruby XL's gauntlets transform into now (Batman's scallop fins are gonna hurt when she slashes at you...)
Not that I care, but are you ever actually going to draw those? Probably not. Unless someone asks. You'd be really surprised by what I'd be willing to do just because people ask me. 
Is this whole "Stealing designs from RWBY screenshots and ideas from infinitely better artists" thing going to be a recurring theme? I'd honestly like to deny that, but I kind of already have an idea based off of another RWBY fancomic already, so it's pretty much a yes. 
Have you ever had an original idea in your life? I think we both know I have not. 
I haven't asked any of these questions, I was just tricked into clicking on your art because Deviantart thought I'd like seeing this, so are done with this stupid caption? Yes.

As usual, comments and criticisms are appreciated! I tried some new shading techniques and I tried adding more shadows. If y'all know anything about that, I'd love to hear what I did right and wrong.
Cinder Fall
So this is my first drawing on here that I actual made from the sketch, to the shading, to the colors to the background, all by myself. Wohoo! (the pose and proportions were based off of references from the first episode of RWBY (specifically from the pose Cinder makes right before booking it), but that's it, I didn't actively copy it like I did with my Yang silhouette)

This piece took way to frikkin long, partially because I tried some new stuff with shading and whatnot, namely, actually shading and whatnot, but mostly because when I make art, I get obsessed with minute details, I try to get things just perfect (to the pixel), but then I zoom out and that tiny, insignificant detail was actually supposed to be two inches to the left so I have to start all over again. Basically, when I draw, it's an exercise in tearing myself away from the details long enough to make the art. But I started this during a stressful part of my week and used trimming the tiny minutia as a way to blow off steam and take my mind off things so I was a little less strict about keeping myself on track. Long story short, this took about a week of effort and at least 10 hours of work as opposed to more experienced artists who would probably be able to speedpaint this in an hour or two (I'll be honest, I probably could've cut the time by a third if I wanted too, but I needed something dull and monotonous to take my mind off of things). 

That being said, while it took a long time because of my inefficiency, it turned out better than I hoped, but worse than I want (I'm a bit of a perfectionist for all the wrong things, see "obsessed with minute details" above). I hadn't ever tried making something this in depth before digitally, so I wasn't entirely sure where my skills are at. I found that it's at roughly the same level as my paper art which is somewhat decent once I actually start, and I actually bother to put my mind "onto it" (I'll probably explain how I think think about art in a later piece, but for now I'm just going to wrap my rambling up and move onto more important stuff). 

Now, despite all of my lack of faith in my skills, and this piece, this is probably my best digital piece yet, but everything feels a little off on it. I would love to get some kind of feedback/criticism on this, particularly when it comes to shading and proportions. 

(Oh, in particular, I'd like some advice on how to draw skin tones, I just colored Cinder's skin in with one color, (well, two for shadows) but it looks kind of flat, I also had trouble with denoting the edges of skin and clothes, so if anyone knows any tips feel free to PM or comment)
Ruby Rose's fateful choice...
Yeah, as you can probably guess, I figured out how to put all of the panels of my short and terrible comic onto one page. So my legions of adoring fans can read it and marvel....PFFT HA! Yeah right. This thing's kind of terrible, but I put a lot of effort into it, so I'm uploading it anyway. Criticism is welcome, I know it's bad, but I'd prefer to know why it's bad in the event I ever want to do this sort of thing again. The only way I'm going to get better is to fail miserably. 

So basically, all criticism is welcome, that of the art color, shading, and proportions, grammar, or even the humor. (Yes this was supposed to be a humorous comic, a dark one, but it was intended to be funny. Yes, if anyone asks, I will explain the joke.) 

BTW, I'm going to get rid of two of the other three separate pages of my comic. Having them as separate pages was a mistake, so I'm gonna delete two, but the other has my first "favorite" while on Deviantart, so I'm gonna keeep that one for sentimental purposes. I'll just call it a preview (even if it is the final panel)


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