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refraction of light

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really cool, i like it
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Like a cross between Pink Floyd and Nirvana's "Dumb"... is this so?
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i love watercolor effects in tats
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You're absolutely brilliant. Love your style, very unique. :heart:
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This is really cool..
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Pretty. Reminds me of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.
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mh. maybe is because it's pink floyd's dark side of the moon. just sayin'
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the lyrics are from Dumb by Nirvana
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Actually it's just a prism. Which just so happens to also be on the DSOTM album art.
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Seriously? Huh.
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but... I've a light.

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've is usually used as have, but shorter, right?
So if we take i've a light the full sentence would be i have a light
Hope this made things abit more clear ^^
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It makes sense, but it just hits the ear wrong. Or maybe it's just me.
isdira's avatar
No I agree! It just doesn't sound right, you wouldn't say it like that.
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Beautiful tattoo!

It's so original in every sense of the word. Plus I love the fact that it's a rainbow paint splatter coming out of the prism rather then the usual refracted spectrum.
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This is amazing. Why can't I think of cool tattoo designs?!
RochiPelekai's avatar
In love with that tattoo ♥
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Beautiful tattoo. c:
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This is the coolest fucking tattoo I've ever seen, I love the originality
ImNotFuckingKidding's avatar
Wow, the colors are beautiful :)
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That's Really Cool!
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So great. I love the skyline.
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