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Nov 21, 2011, 11:55:13 AM
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Watch "How To Tie A Perfect Bow" on YouTube
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Same question as fonejackboy here. What's the black stuff behind the bow? Now it seems as if the bow is covering up some kind of burning mark or skin disease mark...Which is rather macabre, if you'd ask me. Bow is very realistic, though. Well done!
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I think it's the deeper meaning of this tattoo. It isn't "just" a bow.
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Great! Looks like a real bow but...ouch painful!!
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Lovely; simple and sweet :)
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Whats that black stuff behind the bow supposed to be?
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Ahh such a pretty idea ^^
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Its really cute :3
I love the colour and it looks like a real bow! It has perfect lightening and shading.
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if you don't like it, there is no need to be rude. Just click the back button.
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I'm not being rude. Just saying that it's one of the most overused ideas in modern tattooing. A statement of what? Following trends? See, now I'm still not rude, it's just an inconvenient truth, isn't it. This tattoo is the modern equivalent of I heart mom.
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So by that logic you could go up to any fan art, photo, etc, and say it's 'unoriginal' just because it's a common theme? You're just making an excuse to insult something.

Besides. This is not here to 'awe' or 'wow' people with amazing and wonderful and inventive designs, it's just a photograph someone took of a tattoo, either one they got or one they did. Based on their gallery, I'd say it's probably the latter.
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There is a difference between fan arts and tattoos. You don't have to look at fan art every time you take a shower in the morning. The tattoo itself is decent. Its success, however can only be measured after twenty years or more.
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It's the womans choice, as to what she got. If she comes to regret it in the future, that's her problem.
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no disagreement here.
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you really shouldn't argue with someone who's name is super cute riceball -.-
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Like most of whatever hit the front page...
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yeah whats with the pooh puddle why you go a bow in it?
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i wonder what the gray splotch around it means
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[I like bows, especially black ones with a skull in the middle. ^^]
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Fellow Deviant Artists,

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This was absolutely *devastating* to me and my family, so much so that it is hard to put into words. My family and I have since endured what can only describe as *severe psychological harm* due to this realization. And we know *many* of our friends who have been similarly hurt.

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UPDATE: Wow! We need fewer than 1600 more! Thanks so much everyone! =]
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Sorry, but this is so American. Someone thinks differently? Let's sue him. :/
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