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Koran David Morrison
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm just a teen boy from England who finds immense entertainment in art and writing, so why not share some of it? ^^


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Chase White
I always give sad stories happy endings.
This is Chase, my little, damaged baby.
He's from Price Family Book Store and plays a PRETTY big role in Jonah's future, helping him out a lot (without giving away what they are)
ANYWAY, I'll probably have a bio prepared for him later, but I can dish out some little trivial points about him.
-He lives with his uncle, Gary due to his parents having a bad relationship and Chase being unemployed due to 'inadequate mental state'
-He has mild schizophrenia, hearing voices and having very poor social skills and emotional expression (which Jonah helped him with)
-Has a close relationship with his father, but not so much his mother.
-has a habit of scratching at his feet or hands when he gets anxious
-He enjoys plain foods like rice and pasta on their own. He likes a lot of foods, there are very little things he won't eat.
-Chase has always wanted two or three children

Just a few ^^

Character: Chase White
Story: Price Family Book Store
Model/faceclaim: Dylan O'Brien
New Character: David Alton
*skips everything already in the image*
Place of Birth: Willowdale
Gender: Male
Language: English
Family: Mother (deceased. She was always a feeble sprite and didn't make it through her son's birth), father (very close)

Physical Description

Height: 5ft 4in
Hair: Black. One side left very long while he cuts the other side short
Eyes: Light blue
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Monochrome clothes. Usually a dark shirt and grey jeans.


Personality/Attitude: David begins as a shy and timid young man when meeting new people. He's more likely to trust people if they are already friends with other people he cares about, at which point he shows his true personality, which is excitable and curious. David is quite talkative and inquisitive, but also has a very childish nature. It's due to this that he loves being his species so much; he gets the chance to mess around and play with water. His youthful behaviour and immaturity comes from a very close relationship with his father, who was a kind and ery caring man who always treated David sweetly, as though the sprite was still a young boy, hence he cotinued to act in such a way sometimes. Also due to this side of him, the young man can also be really sensitive and clingy. In the moments where he is sad, he reverts back to the shy facade he used at the beginning and suddenly loses all energy, making him seem much less child-like. This was the case quite frequently when his best friend, a very powerful human, Charlie Willow, went missing. When he is his usual curious self, you can always rely on David to have a fun fact prepared. He's a fairly good friend due to his devotion to the people he loves and his tolerance of everyone (unless given a valid reason to dislike someone) and his attitude making him quite an amusing presence.

Favourites/Likes: He very much enjoys playing with the water by his home and seeing how clear it is. David also loves listening to his air sprites talking about the sky, sometimes even singing.
Most Hated/Dislikes: He hates whenever conflict stirs between water sprites and earth sprites. Obviously not too happy that his best friend is missing
Goals/Ambitions: His main goal is to find his friend again. He also has a fascination with humans and wishes to become an expert on the species.
Strengths: His strongest attributes are his determination and optimism
Weaknesses: David's weakest attributes are his immaturity and naive attitude
Fears: Terrible fear of darkness and the unknown
Hobbies/Interests: Messing around with water, soaring off to new places, exploring, studying
Sexual Preference: homosexual
Place/Type of Residence: small hut by a river in Willowdale
Occupation: Water sprites keep the river flowing and clear
Keith Kogane: The Red Paladin (VLD)
So welp, I guess.
I drew Keith out of boredom on paper last month, but I decided that it wasn't my worst piece of art so far, and thus, I hopped onto my tablet, scanned the image and set off to work ^^
This is the result and, if I'm being honest, I actually really like it. The shading was a bitch, but I hope it turned out okay. I think it's subtle, which makes it kinda realistic (if you can;t see it, tilt your screen back a ways) The hair was my favourite. Took a butt tonne of work though. Kudos to the animators of Keith's hair in season 6, by the way.
Connor (With Bio!)
4th Connor picture in a row, huh? Man, he's so darn fun to draw! Anyway, here's his little bio/profile :)

Physical Description
Hair colour and style: Brown. Long/shoulder length. Curly
Eye colour: Light Green (they're so gorgeous)
Weight: 119 pounds (Yes, he's quite underweight)
Height: 171 cm/5ft 7
Build: Quite slim. Somewhat curvy
Skin tone: Relatively pale
Distinct Features: Sharp jawline. Long hair. Mole under left eye.
Clothing/style: Hipster/casual
Age/D.O.B: 16 24th November 2001

Likes: Music, writing, history, classical art, anything strawberry flavoured
Dislikes: Sports, maths, avocado, hot weather
Quirks: Picks as nails when feeling awkward
Flaws: Shuts himself away from large crowds
Secrets: Sexual uncertainty (Until Jonah *smirk*), loneliness
Pet Peeves: Giving advice and them ignoring it, especially when their solution doesn't work out
Personality type: INFJ
Character arch type: Main. Love interest.

Family: Close parents, Simon & Nina. No siblings. 1 cat-Dennis
Education: High school & sixth form
Occupation(s): Student, retail (family bookstore), later unemployed
Residence: England. Town not currently named ^^"



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