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did another "portal 2" fanart, yes - without any portals, cubes, chells, wheatleys or cakes... this one is called "I DON'T WANT THIS!" and it's based on a short soundfile which is not even used ingame.
i found it by a fluke while listening to some of the awesome sound recordings of the game.
[SPOILER] on the image you see sir cave johnson (founder and owner of aperture science labs) and his better half caroline. cave holds some documents in his hands which involve her - but after hearing what his new plans are all about (glaDOS), he suddenly stops talking due to a slap in his face... she knows he's not the type of guy who accepts a "NO!". such a strong character duo and a scene which i had to draw. hope you like :)

details: they are standing in the exact room where the hidden couple oil painting hangs in-game and to underline that i added a fictional old photography of the young love on the right - so there's cave & caroline 2 times in this picture: sad and angry and happy and full of joy. ;)

visit my blog for detail-shots and sketches ;)

edit: here's the soundfile link :)
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I love the tear in Caroline's eye, shining black, as if she has already become GLaDOS, crying oil, instead of tears. I can't put my adoration for this artwork into words, much less rearrange them into a coherent order. 

Thank you for this beautiful, tragic scene. 
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thank you for the kind words and your thoughts!
really appreciate comments like this, especially for a
painting i did so long ago. :) <3
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This style of drawing is pretty awesome.

Gute Arbeit!

(Only Cave's eyes are a bit creepy)
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thanks! yeah, well thats the point of that scene i guess... ;)
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Fantastique ! :D
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The pleasure is for me

Your creation transported me

Wow thanks !
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i love the backstory of aperture : ]
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yeah its awesome. very unique. :)
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never found that room, where is it?
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it's from imagination, if i recall correctly. :D
took some elements of the real scenes ofc.
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Wow. Great work. Very strong emotions in here. He yet looks really like the "citrone-grenade-Cave-Jonsohn". :clap:
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thanks! yeah, serious cave here. ;)
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Beautiful, dark, amazing style and i love your Cave.
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thank you! i like how he turned out too. :)
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I think I know why GlaDOS was so sadistic. Caroline was driven insane by all of those lonely years being a human consciousness inside a computer.
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yeah! that might be the reason... or she/it just likes to torture... ;)
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I love the subject choice and the style you used, so reminiscent of their painting/shots in the game. The technique is great as always. 
But... the tone of the pic prevents me to like it completely, it's too serious, kind of too 'involved'. These two jackasses (especially Cave o_o) don't deserve such empathy. :P 
Not that they aren't interesting characters, but they seemed more meant to be comical, even though in a dark, satirical way.
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hehe true! maybe i went a bit to "serious" on this one. in-game that's what is not there most of the time,
but i found it interesting that there seems to be such lines cutted out of the game which where very bold and
edgy compared to the "funny" rest of the cave/caroline dialogs... it's i nice contrast i think, especially since both
characters (as you alreadys mentioned) doesn't deserve such empathy. ;)

thanks, glad you mentioned this!
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Yep, that contrast is very strong! :)
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Jesus. Reading theories about this really gets to me. The soundbytes I've heard (and the only ones that exist) don't seem like they'd make the voice actress cry, or JK Simmons refuse to read. You've captured what I'm sure a lot of people want to see, so well done.
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thanks dude, yeah - i also kinda like how much storytelling reminds only in the imagination of the players head while playing through the game. i just had to draw that moment. ;)
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