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Maud Pie's humor can be quite dry, one more reason I feel like her.

My favorite joke that nobody ever get is this:
"It's said that Sir Isaac Newton only laughed once in his life. Once, a friend of his asked him whether there is any practical use in studying Euclidean Geometry, and Newton laughed."
At which point, I would look expectantly at my audience, who usually fails to find it funny. So I have to give background information:
"It's said that Euclid has only left behind one book and two quotes. That one book is Elements of Geometry. The first quote is 'There is no royal road to geometry.', given when the rule Ptolemy I Soter asked Euclid if there was a shorter road to learning geometry than through Euclid's Elements. The second quote is 'Give him threepence, since he must make gain out of what he learns.', given to his servant when a student asked what he would profit out of studying geometry."
At which point my audience has probably drifted away, which is expected. My jokes are funny to myself anyway.


Reference: Euclid - Wikiquote


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A bunch of great thinkers were playing hide-and-seek. It was Einstein's turn to seek, so he closed his eyes and started counting, while everybody else hid. Heisenberg measured his precise velocity, Descartes stopped thinking, Xeno considered how he was just a collection of infinitely small parts, et cetera. By the time Einstein opened his eyes, everybody was long since gone . . . with one exception. Newton had taken out a piece of chalk and drawn a large square on the ground, and he was standing in plain view in the middle of it. "Newton," Einstein asked, "Don't you know you're supposed to hide so I can't find you?" "Ah," Newton replied, "but you're looking at Newton over a square meter. You've found Pascal!"
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Unfortunately, I saw Pascal when Newton drew a square.
Also, the common spelling for that philosopher is "Zeno".
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seeing your icon, I was reminded of…
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well yes its ment to
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It really does! That sign is magical!
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A sign like that would confuse half the worlds population.
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Probably 5/6, considering that the number of English speakers is about 1.2 billion.
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English has been dead for 1000 years sith the Norman Conquest.  After Norman, everyone talks "Einglish".
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Who would have guessed the world famous Captain Obvious was really mild mannered Maude Pie?
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