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Original inspiration from :iconxxfiery666xx: "Sparkle Suicide" [link] (Also borrowed some paragraphs from it)

Marked mature just because it contains suicide contents.

Motivated by my heavy studying (at least in the past), my suicidal tendencies, several suicide cases in my high school, and this anonymous poem written on the side of a staircase in Carnegie Mellon University: ([link]

If you're feeling like a jerk
'Cause your project just won't work
Go ahead and take the leap
Then you'll finally get some sleep.

Wrote this to vent. Didn't work. Oh well.

Oh, BTW, I uploaded this story on FIMFiction, receiving interesting feedback: [link]

Edit: I did a illustration for this fic [link].
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Varinki's avatar
Well that was a brutal kick in the feels.
KopaLeo's avatar
XxMisery-SeverityxX's avatar
disregard my last comment
i meant

(i seriously hate myself....)
XxMisery-SeverityxX's avatar
ive written another dark-MLP fanfic
that is quite similar to this:

Defenderas2012's avatar… 

I think this music I fitting. Opinions? Greatly written story, by the way

Critterkinz's avatar
Thats so sad Waaaah! 
Roxor128's avatar
I'm wondering what it would be like if an alternate universe Twilight arrived to visit just after the end of this story.

Alt-Twi: Hey, everypony, what's the... Oh. Wow. Maybe... Maybe I should postpone my visit here for a few weeks?
XxMisery-SeverityxX's avatar
nobody gave a **** that this was
originally inspired from my "Sparkle Suicide"... :( :worry:

im sad now... :'(
Critterkinz's avatar
i care. they are both realy good. (and i just read sparkle suicide)
KopaLeo's avatar
I'm sorry about that. I've just put your story in a more prominent place in the description now. Hopefully this will give your story its due recognition.

P.S.: You can enable comments on your story. Without comments, people can't tell you how they like your story.
Angelchibi227's avatar
Cried. Just beautiful. Magnificent. No words can describe how much I loved this.
KopaLeo's avatar
Thank you. If you like this, you might want to take a look at this [link]
Angelchibi227's avatar
Wow. That one's amazing too! It pulled many long, depressing sighs out of me. A lot of shivers went up my spine, and many goosebumps came to my skin. I love how Pinkie referred to them as more than friends. If you have more stories coming, I would LOVE to read them.

:icontwilightlaplz: :iconpinkiepielaplz: :iconrainbowdashlaplz: :iconfluttershylaplz: :iconraritylaplz: :iconapplejacklaplz:
KopaLeo's avatar
You can drop me a watch if you like my stories :iconfluttershywinkplz:, though I'm not planning any stories right now (I need some serious depression to write these kind of stories, and now I'm just not depressed enough.):iconfluttershysadplz:
WereShadow's avatar
All of the tears. All of them.
duragan's avatar
[link] Just some music to go with it. I'm not trying to be sarcastic in the slightest with this either. Hearing this really makes you feel the pain of Twilight, her friends and Celestia when she is committing the dreaded deed. :(

Very sad, but very beautiful fan fic.
deathtoner's avatar
while i did not cry, i wanted to. I am one of those people who wants the sappy "revival" ending with some sort of redemption.
KopaLeo's avatar
You mean maybe Princess and the five friends used the magic of friendship to restore Twilight's life? I prefer stories that are unrelentingly sad; the only hopes in them are false hopes, only to inflict more pain and misery. They spiral downwards and hit the bottom at the end, with NO hope or any sign of improvement.
deathtoner's avatar
see, i am a sap that cant deal with stuff like that
SandPerv's avatar
it is kinda interesting as there is a creepypasta MLP theory about the mane 6 being based on six human girls who died all on the same day i beilive...twilight inspiration came from a brainy girl who pretty much was under so much stress she cheated on one of her exams and she was found out and well she killed herself...
KopaLeo's avatar
I've read about that, and I really disliked it. It was quite well-written, but somehow it just did not conform to my personal taste.

On a partially related note, my mother once forced me to cheat on an exam and that set off a series of events that almost killed me. I survived, but got a morbid obsession with death and gore (which is obvious in my gallery).
SandPerv's avatar
wow that is quite a story in itself my friend,but i did notice the dark parts of your gallery and perhaps should look more into it as i am a fan of grimdark MLP/Pokemon in general.
MeidoGhoul's avatar
This made me cry... I love suicide stories, especially with my favourite characters, it always makes me cry, especially when I know the feeling. ;w; It's a really weird feeling.
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