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Peace. Peace at Last


Maybe it's better to just sleep,
and never worry about the exams, assignments, projects
and the stress, disappointment, guilt, pain...

Why keep going?


Not having a great time... meh.

Edit: Oops. Added Cutie Mark.

A Message to HaterThePony: I did the structure sketch in MyPaint, then did everything else (lineart, coloring, shadows, highlights, adding cutie mark) in gimp. I love gimp now.

Note to self: next time use a larger canvas.
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nati11184's avatar
I think I like your sad/dead ponies, I watched you O _ O
MonotonyArt's avatar
looks like someone likes to kill Twilight! we be rare souls, you and i.
KopaLeo's avatar
I feel that Twilight is a lot like me, so I project my own suicidal thoughts onto her... But she became a pretty princess, and I felt rather upset...
So I started drawing my ponysona instead.
I also run a tumblr ask-depressed-twilight-sparkle… I'll try to get back to it someday.
MonotonyArt's avatar
are you familliar with the ask blog: Ask [Cr]Applejack?
that one is amazing!
gexisunderrated's avatar
This would be even worse if it was either her/Spike's birthday.

If Pinkie saw this it could make her Pinkamena for some time as well.

Her suicide would also be a heavy blow to Ponyville and Celestia.

That is my viewpoint.
SandPerv's avatar
well at least she can rest in peace....
sweetstrawberryblood's avatar
Your style is intriguing...
That posture is just so...<333
KopaLeo's avatar
Thank you. This was my first serious digital art, and it turned out pretty well.

The original idea was to draw Twilight struck by lightning. Inspiration struck me while I was reading about galvanic reanimation and thought about Benjamin Franklin's suicidal catching-lightning-with-a-kite experiment. After I finished the undersketch I thought, "Hey this fits my fanfic pretty well!"

I took special care to draw the posture as rigid and inanimate as possible, to create a sense of Rigor Mortis.
sweetstrawberryblood's avatar
Ah! That's pretty interesting...I can imagine Twilight playing around with lightning actually...
You definitely drew the pose very nicely,worth the care. I need to practise on my dead bodies _w_''
KopaLeo's avatar
Curiosity killed the man.
KopaLeo's avatar
You need to upload :iconmoarplz:

Love your depressed ponies and depressing ponies and depressing depressed ponies.
sweetstrawberryblood's avatar
I do need tooo... :iconsadfluttershyplz:
I am unable to upload anything for quite some time though...but don't worry, my art won't be any happier by then. =w=" And thank you... c`:
HaterThePony's avatar
Damn you and your gimp skills!! Im just playing with MyPaint, Im getting better with it!!
Baxyratty's avatar
conflicting emotions :(
KopaLeo's avatar
She's dead, and she's happy. What's conflicting?
Baxyratty's avatar
oh i was talking about myself conflicting feelings of sadness and relief
KopaLeo's avatar
:) Thank you. It is very motivational to hear that my hard work brought out the intended feelings from some viewers. Personally, I find this more sad and soothing than disturbing.

Fun fact: I read some gruesome websites on anatomy and animal cruelty to learn how to draw gaping wounds.
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