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And That's How MLP: FiM was Made

This is... my eulogy to the Goddess of Ponies, Lauren Faust.

This is what I think happened that inspired her to create MLP: FiM. She was taken by Queen Celestia herself, lived as a pony in the real Equestria for several years, before being cruelly torn away, back to the human world. She remembers the Equestria through all the years; she draws Equestria, she writes Equestria, she dreams Equestria, Queen Celestia guides her.

Finally, she recreated Equestria in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, channeling the real Equestria through her memories into our world.

----Production Notes----

First half of the story is kind of like Narnia.

The first two frames are taken from

Lauren Faust said that she originally intended Celestia to be "Queen Celestia", but it got changed to "Princess Celestia".

Lauren Faust's coronation dress was designed by QualityPones…

----Interesting Bits----

Lauren Faust started as a blank flank, and through adventures, she gained cutie mark, horn, and wings.

Queen Celestia's cutie mark is a combination of the sun and the moon, because she is in charge of all of the sky, which is why her name is "Celestia".

Download for full resolution! So many little details went into this comic. Every single picture in the last frame was individually drawn.
You can see drawings of some of the Mane 6 in the last frame. Lauren Faust knew them. She actually met them in Equestria and befriended them!
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