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Self-Detecting Weather for Rainmeter


The days of searching for your town's weather code are over - This skin does it for you

Unzip to the ROOT skins path, click the little square in the corner, and it will determine your location from you IP adress.

This will be part of a larger suite of many, many skins so check back if you like it!!

Based on skins by Xcitement and SieSie:

:iconxcitement: :iconsiesie:

Icons by MerlinTheRed


Please check out my other skin - [link]

changed to rmskin and fixed some problems
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i found this awesome but it doesn't work to me :(
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I don't think webparser works for when I try to use debug=2 for it, it doesn't make any dump file at all...
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mine makes a dump file. but it says forbidden from accessing. from researching it turns out the website requires u use a proper web browser to access it, webparser can't access it. there is no solution to this. just have to fund another site that works lol
Doesn't work. I can see only '°C'.
Mine is stuck on dectecting... :(
Never mind it's working now :)
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How long did it take for it to work for you?
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This is staying stuck at "Detecting" for me.
How to switch to Fahrenheit? I wouldn't mind Celsius so much but it says "48C" when it's actually "48F"...kinda bothers me a bit...otherwise I love it!
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What about if my IP was  my ISP's HQ!!!???
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It gives me the wrong location code. Infact the site you use is the one that points out wrong location. Do you have any idea of any other and better IP locator site ??
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It may just be your ISP. Go to and see what it spits out. The location of your IP may not be precise enough, you know? For example, I live in a small town, so my IP is located in the nearest large city.

On the other hand, if its nowhere near where you live, well then that's a problem XD
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Not Working... the settings.ini shows my code but the weather skin itself is totaly blank.
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Oh ... now it's working ..... great job Dude! ...
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Very nice thought and good design
it gave me the right city and temp, but still says Celsius. I can't seem to get Fahrenheit as a choice even if I click on it!
Nice job overall!
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It's not working for me, it's stuck on "detecting". Any suggestions?
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dat -4 celcius
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Problem for me is, my ISP is based in another city
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This solves alot!
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