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Liquid Crystal for Rainmeter

This is my first rainmeter skin, hope you like it!

Update- added smaller clock, and changed to rmskin

Uses the font Digital-7, now in rmskin.

Please request a thing (or color) to add, and I might get around to it.

Also comes in blue and orange, for now. Middle click it to change the variables.

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I know this is an old skin, but is there any chance you could do a version with no date, just the time?

For the font issue, change the rmskin to a zip extension, open it up and find the fonts folder, then install the fonts manually. Idk why it doesn't do this automatically but there's also all sorts of goodies in there in other folders.
Great work, would you make matrix desktop style?

same thing happened to me

edit: does anybody know how to fix it?

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Font looks nothing like the preview.
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Okay i can fix it my windows miss the right font so i downloaded it :) hope i can help to others :) bye
Hello :D How to change the font? i cant change it to the digital :S
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This is so COOL TY I finally figured it all oyut but 1 ?4 you, How do you space the 1st minute hand so that it don't overlay the : in the small file I love thee blue but should be neon that would be very cool!
To fix the squashed together font issue, google Digital-7(mono).ttf and download it, install into your Windows Font folder via Control Panel and then refresh. This file was not in the rmskin file I downloaded here today, 11/09/2012. Perhaps the author will check on this issue soon. This is my new favorite clock! Great job!
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Man can you help me get this like it looks like above on display i tried to download and edit and no luck at all but the file you said to download is in there but says it wont load i dont understand what I did wrong? If you could give me some insight on how to I would be greatly appreciative of it TY and Good luck on your future mods!
is very squished together for me as well, even with refresh.
The : is not in the correct's squished and pushed into the third digit :( otherwise I would love this
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It's perfect! Exactly what I was looking for, first time [link]
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I've been looking for this! Thanks!
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ive tried all the fixes listed here, but still cant get the font to work, running win7 64 home premium
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Nevermind, got it, just had to reset again.
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