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I've not imagined i could make another political journal so soon.
Well... i guess it's also about my decision to make more of them (for the ones who could be interested).

By the way, the recent news about the Cuba-American news has a special meaning for me, because few years ago i directly took part in rallies in support for the Cuban anti-terrorists agents imprisoned in the Usa.
Freedom for Cuba by Kooskia
The guy with the green-black backpack was me.
The lines say "For the liberation of the five Cubans. Against the sileance of the media".

Just to inform also about the fact that these agents were sent in Florida to keep guard and infiltrate the Miami based (and CIA founded) terrorist groups that for ages carried on bombing attacks, arsons, random strafing of the Cuban shores, attacks on civilian and trawlers boats and even destroying a Cuban civilian airlines planes with a bomb.
(one of such terrorist groups, "Alpha-66" still exists).
All these actions were deliberately backed by the Miami gangs of "exiles", in turn Funded by the US Government.
Lack of true support from the island, links with drugs-traffic and crime operations in direct coordination with US governative agencies were matched with infiltrations of Agents like the 5 captured ones, ultimately weakening such terrorist groups in the '90s

It has been ridiculous how the United States rulers kept fool the citizenship, especially with the start of the "War on Terrorism" while the US has backed terrorism for long years.
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December 18, 2014


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